V-Technology Rotating Floor and Rotating Sofa


V-Technology engineers and manufactures high quality custom made mechanical systems for the superyacht industry.

The Rotating Floor from V-Technology makes it possible to transform the salon with a setting for conversation in to setting for a cinema or to enjoy the view to the sea. The Rotating Floor can be used indoors as well as outdoors. The Floor rotates 360° and has a very low build in height, because of which it can be installed almost everywhere on the yacht.

The Rotating Sofa is another product from V-Technology which allows you to automatically arrange all kind of positions for your semi-circular sofas. Combine the separate semi-circular parts into one big sofa or set them in a different position. The system is custom built according to the design of the customer’s sofas and no rails or other driving gear are visible. Electrical motors with brakes will keep the floor and sofas in place when the yacht is rolling and pitching.
When the Rotating Floor and Rotating Sofa are combined really all seating arrangements for semi circular sofas are possible.



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