JL Audio UK: MX Speakers & Sub-Woofers with LED


JL Audio, one of the world’s leading specialists in marine audio entertainment has revealed the latest development for its MX-Series speakers and subwoofers with the introduction of LED Illumination. 

Renowned for their endurance in the harsh marine conditions, the MX-Series now offers boat owners a dramatic visual audio experience in addition to great sound. JL Audio’s Marine audio systems are meticulously engineered for the marine environment giving them a distinct advantage over many other on board audio systems. Not only do they last much longer, they deliver a more superior sound in an open-air boat environment having been acoustically engineered for boat installations.

Today’s recreational boating is increasingly about great experience and creating the desired atmosphere on board. Conveying powerful and smooth sound, the MX-Series, with the new optional blue LED illumination feature, has been designed to provide the perfect ambience whether you are travelling at fast planning speeds listening to rock music or anchored up watching the sunset and relaxing to some gentle chill out tunes.

The LED MX-Series is available in JL Audio’s sports grill style in white, titanium, titanium-black or chrome, offering the chance to blend the audio system with an existing boat colour scheme and to suit the customer’s taste. The new LED lighting assembly uniformly illuminates the woofer’s cone area with a lively blue glow.

Prices for the new LED illuminated MX-Series from £219.99 inc. VAT for a single sub-woofer and £299.99 inc. VAT for a pair of speakers. 



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