[ PROMO] Marpoint's Europe DataRoam

As summer is getting closer, plans are being put into place.

Crusing in Mediterranean Europe is one of the great pleasures of cruising. Visiting so many different countries, exploring staning coastlines and islands is a challenge for your data roaming plan. Owners and guest have one expectation from the yacht: smooth and continuous connectivity for their devices that are  ready to gobble bandwith specially when they are away from shore where they spend 90% of the year.

Marpoint's Europe DataRoam sim plan is specially designed to be used across Europe and enjoy reliable 3G and 4G with up to 1 Tb of data per month. sadhqq2

Choose freedom with no contract commitment and sim card data sharing and feel safe as data overusage avoidance policy guarantee that you won't find a massive bill waiting for you to return from your holidays.

Combine with our 3G/4G routers and get advanced features and services including dual 4G capability with auto failover and 3G/4G coverage up to 20 miles off shore.


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