The Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota Collaboration: 25 years

The Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota Collaboration 25 years

Home, an adaptable and versatile collection designed to harmonize with diverse contexts and encourage interaction.

As Paola Lenti revisits the pivotal stages of the 25-year creative partnership between the company and designer Francesco Rota, it's impossible to overlook the indoor projects – a fusion of technological innovation and Italian craftsmanship traditions. These projects manifest as furnishings that seamlessly adapt to various settings, embracing openness to interaction.

Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota Collaboration 1

The company and the designer have consistently pursued the path of the essential. Their indoor products, where upholstery fabrics play a fundamental role, embody a continuous synthesis. Characterized by linear, harmonious, and measured forms, these creations prioritize functionality, beauty, and ergonomics. Within this dynamic context, unconventional objects have emerged over the years, including the Agio and Move sectional sofas, and the Kanji tables.

Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota Collaboration 3

Agio, with its generously proportioned elements, radiates a natural comfort. The adjustable backrest inclination allows for versatile seating styles – ranging from maximum comfort to formal conversations. The series accommodates large islands with elements oriented in different directions or more traditional linear sofas with restrained dimensions.

Move introduces a versatile system with elements of varying seating heights and depths, facilitating both traditional and informal layouts. These adaptable sofas exhibit diverse characters and a "made-to-measure" quality, seamlessly enhancing spaces with modern or classic styles. Move compositions can be complemented by independent armrests and cushions, offering customizable arrangements.

Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota Collaboration 4

Kanji, inspired by the elegant graphic signs of eastern writing, is a distinctive dining table. Stripped of any superfluous elements, its standout feature is the top, comprised of independent and removable sections. These sections can be substituted with stoneware or marble cutting boards or steel trays. The clean design accentuates the decorative quality of finishes, including the transparent colors of the Mano Opaca and the precious Abonos™ frisé oak – a wood with a fluvial origin and a millennial presence in the water, which renders each trunk unique.

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