Trailblazers & Pathfinders: Discover Yamaha Motor's 2023 snowmobile line-up

 Yamaha Motor's 2023 snowmobile line-up

Yamaha Motor Europe’s legendary reputation for empowering people’s passions continues in 2023 with a line-up designed to thrill and excite.

Revving hearts on the road or off it, over water, land and snow, the brand is always focused on technical innovation, and engineering excellence to deliver an incredible experience.

2023 YAM MNTN MAX 154 EU DPBSE ACT 001 03 preview

Yamaha’s long-established reputation for delivering the winning combination of outstanding performance and precision handling means their snowmobiles regularly secure top ratings with expert testers and let every owner ride their path with confidence. For 2023, Yamaha reveals a fully refreshed European Snowmobile range with dynamic new looks across the board, along with new innovations to ramp up the enjoyment and convenience to the next level. No matter your journey, there is a Yamaha snowmobile that will allow you to #RideYourPath.

2023 YAM MNTN MAX 154 EU DPBSE STU 001 03 preview
New Sidewinder L-TX LE EPS
Already a firm favourite for those seeking adventure and thrills, the Sidewinder L-TX LE is given a further edge to the excitement it delivers for 2023 with the addition of Electric Power Steering. This dynamic trail machine now handles so deftly, you’ll achieve an ease and precision to your riding like never before, allowing you to easily manoeuvre on even the most demanding of trails.

2023 YAM SIDEWINDER L TX EU IKB ACT 001 03 preview

Conquer any terrain at any altitude with the industry’s most powerful and advanced engine, packed full of torque, instant throttle response and no turbo lag, you’re guaranteed all the adrenaline highs you could wish for.

2023 YAM SIDEWINDER L TX EU IKB ACT 001 03 preview

  • Move like a pro. Relax into effortless handling with the new EPS.
  • Let it rip. Get superb power in any condition, thanks to the best-in-class engine.
    Never miss a beat. Benefit from super-fast shifting from the durable and low maintenance clutch system.
  • Decide how you ride. Enjoy sturdy suspension with top quality shocks that you can tune softer or stiffer to match your terrain.

2023 YAM SIDEWINDER X TX EU VRC1 ACT 003 03 preview

New Sidewinder SRX LE EPS
Feel the rush and your pulse quicken as you speed across the snow at unimaginable speed. The Sidewinder SRX LE EPS offers unrivalled performance, guaranteed to leave you breathless with excitement. And with the 2023 addition of a first-rate Electric Power Steering system, you’ll now feel even more confident executing the most daring of turns with precision and ease.

Enjoy a seamless, intuitive, and thrill-packed experience, as the turbocharged, fuel-injected engine powers you across the snow and ice. Ultra-responsive handling is further enhanced by the superior electrically adjustable suspension system and highly engineered Stryke single keel ski.

  • Ride hard, rest easy. Make driving a dream with ultimate control from the EPS.
  • Blaze a trail. Breath-taking speeds at any altitude are yours, with this best-in-class trail machine.
  • Move as one. Shift at the speed of light, with the durable and low maintenance clutch system.
  • Comfort on the edge. Best-in-class suspension teams up with incredible adjustable shocks to deliver the ride you want at the touch of a button.
  • 2023 YAM SIDEWINDER X TX EU VRC1 ACT 001 03 preview

Yamaha’s full 2023 European Snowmobile line-up
The 2023 range has been reinvigorated with striking new colours and bold stylish graphics to really make you stand out on the snow. The colour and graphic treatment of the range is classic Yamaha, a rich heritage reinvented with a fresh modern take that will mark you out as belonging to a unique tribe of snow enthusiasts. Yamaha’s full 2023 Snowmobile line-up includes:


Sidewinder X-TX SE


Sidewinder M-TX LE 153
Mountain Max 800 154 ES
SXVenom Mountain


Sidewinder SRX LE EPS
Sidewinder S-TX GT EPS
Sidewinder L-TX LE EPS
Transporter Lite 2UP


Transporter 800


SnoScoot ES

2023 YAM SXMP800 EU YB ACT 005 03 preview

Whatever you need a snowmobile for, the Yamaha range is the ideal place to look for your perfect partner on the trail, the mountain or for any winter utility needs. From the practical reliability of the Utility segment to the freedom and adventure offered by the Crossover range and the exploration and outdoor enjoyment of the Trail collection, there’s so much versatility across the range. And of course, for those looking for the ultimate in steep and deep excitement, the Mountain segment has your name on it.

With the 2023 range, Yamaha reinforces the stamp it had placed on the snowmobile market, with a customer-centric line-up that assures the brand’s place as the ultimate partner on the snow.

2023 YAM SXR200E EU YB ACT 003 03 preview

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