The Divani Caravel hotel welcomes September with its luxurious 'Divani Suites'


Within the framework of Divani Group’s continuous development and the desire to meet the demands of today’s contemporary traveller, the Divani Caravel welcomes September with the completed refurbishment of its new luxury suites.

With its main priority being to maintain the highest level of services and amenities offered, the Group Management decided to renew the selected “Divine Suites”, thereby offering the distinguished visitors of the Divani Caravel a refreshing guest experience.

DivineSuites 2

The impressive new face of the grandiose “Divani Suites” is characterised by elegance and contemporary lines which highlight once more the uniqueness of the space. From the choice of soft furnishings and light fittings to the tastefully decorated interiors, the suites will certainly charm even the most demanding guest. The creative element is very apparent in every corner, with superior aesthetics and luxurious touches evident throughout the suites.

DivineSuites 3

Motivated by the dedication to offering authentic, first-rate hospitality, the Divani Caravel is one of the most historic hotels in the heart of the city of Athens and continues to raise the bar when it comes to offering the best to its guests. The aim of the hotel and the Divani Group is to show the utmost respect for those to whom it extends its hospitality by continuously evolving in terms of the services offered. In doing so, not only does it gain the trust of its guests, but it also results in standing out in today’s competitive environment.


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