Celestyal Cruises features the Mastiha of Chios in special themed events on board


 Celestyal Cruises is delighted to announce its ongoing support for Greek products with eight special themed events on its ships during the 2015 season featuring the unique mastiha of Chios! Throughout the 2015 cruise season, Celestyal Cruises will introduce its passengers to the wonderful world of mastiha.

 Made from the resin of the mastic tree, which is a member of the cashew family and indigenous to the island of Chios, mastiha does it all: food, beverages, cosmetics and salves! The first special themed event featuring mastihashop products took place on May 22: special themed events featuring mastiha will take place on Celestyal Cruises ships every two weeks until the end of September.

In addition to special themed events, Celestyal Cruises passengers will have the chance to try unique gastronomic creations made from delicious recipes from the exquisite island of Chios and incredible cocktails, all made with mastiha.

For those who want to experience Chios up close, Celestyal Cruises’ seven-day “Iconic Aegean” cruise is the perfect way to say kalimera to the island’s mastiha, to its sprawling citrus groves and to its unique vernacular architecture; other magical ports of call on this impeccable cruise include Istanbul, Kuşadası, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Symi and Mykonos. “Our goal is to offer each passenger a unique holiday experience and the opportunity to explore the incomparable beauty of Greece and its cultural wealth,” said Kyriakos Anastassiadis, Chief Executive Officer of Celestyal Cruises. “We are delighted to be working with mastihashop, which promotes the unique products of Chios abroad.”


“We welcome Celestyal Cruises to the island of mastiha as an agent of growth and promotion of the Aegean,” said Yannis Mandalas, Chief Executive Officer of mastihashop Stores. “We believe the presentation of our products as part of the Celestyal Cruises special themed events program is a perfect introduction to mastiha and to the incredible island of Chios. We look forward to welcome Celestyal Cruises passengers sailing the seven-day Iconic Aegean cruise to our home.”

During the 2015 cruise season Celestyal Cruises passengers can choose from a total 80 special themed events created amuse, educate and entertain everyone who participates, regardless of age, nationality, interest or taste.

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