Lagoon has chosen Uvoji to purify water aboard its catamarans

Lagoon has chosen Uvoji to purify water aboard its catamarans

Bordeaux, France – Lagoon is pleased to announce its partnership with UVOJI, a water purification industry leader, for the sustainable integration of Oji Nautic 01 aboard its catamarans.

Drink pure, fresh water on board, without storage lockers overflowing with plastic bottles... now, it’s possible! Today, through a partnership between Lagoon and UVOJI, all the Lagoon catamarans are integrating the Oji Nautic 01 by UVOJI. Lagoon is the only brand on the market to offer this innovation.

Oji Nautic 01 by UVOJI is an effective and reliable solution for water purification on board. This collaboration marks a step forward and a broader offering to enhance your experience at sea.

The Latest Equipment:

Oji Nautic 01 is equipped with a UV-C emitter, a device transmitting ultraviolet rays designed to purify water and to guarantee optimal water quality. Replacing the traditional, often limited, filtration methods, this device enables you to completely eliminate any bacteria or viruses that may potentially be present in the water. The advanced technology and functionality of the Oji Nautic 01 make it an ideal choice for Lagoon catamarans.

This new procedure, developed with the savoir-faire of Uvoji, guarantees instant disinfection, effective without the use of chemical products.

You'll find this system in the catamaran's galley. This innovation allows you to drink water directly from the tap, with a LED indicating the water's possible consumption. A revolution on board!