Alimos Marina: The next day

Alimos Marina: The next day

The next day for one of the country’s most iconic marinas. 


Alimos Marina has been a point of reference in the capital and an integral part of its coastal front, also known as the “Athenian Riviera”.

It is the largest marina in the Balkans and one of the most historic and iconic ones in Greece.

Alimos Marina site 1

Its advantageous location makes it extremely attractive as well as a haven for sailing and yachting enthusiasts.


The redevelopment project, which is expected to be completed by 2025, involves the creation of a modern and attractive recreation centre that will breathe life into Attica.

Alimos Marina site 3

According to the planning, the 18,500m² building development is to bring out the full potential of the marina, as it will be able to host not only touristic but also commercial and recreational facilities bound to turn it into a top destination for the residents of Athens and visitors alike.

Alimos Marina site 4

Hotel facilities will be covering a total area of 6,800m², offices and commercial facilities will spread over 9,000m², buildings for recreational use will cover 1,400m², while the administration offices and other facilities will not exceed 1,300m².

Large areas are also dedicated to walking and cycling so as to create a seaside leisure destination. The surrounding area will be built up perpendicularly to Posidonos Avenue and feature roof gardens that will “unite” the city with the Marina, forming a modern, “green” development.

Alimos Marina site 5

Upgrade of water facilities and modernization of the infrastructure and berthing services promise to make Alimos Marina one of the most state-of-the-art marinas in the Mediterranean.

Alimos Marina site 5