FIM opens the new production site

FIM opens the new production site

FIM - Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi (Italian Motorboat Factory) has hosted an event for customers, stakeholders and the media in order to inaugurate the new plant of Cividate al Piano, close to Bergamo and 60km east of Milan.

The plant, launched with a ribbon cutting by the mayor of Cividate al Piano Gianni Forlani, and by the partners Corrado Piccinelli, Manuela Barcella and Vannis Marchi, is a modern production site that spreads over more than 5000 sqm, and employs around 70 people, including external contractors.

It includes areas dedicated to design, construction, tank testing (up to 50 feet) and delivery to customers.

The investment in the new production site turned out to be necessary following the great success of the first two models launched by FIM: the open 340 Regina (sterndrive and outboard, respectively 2020 and 2021), and 470 Regina, born in 2022.

More than 30 units of the two have already been sold: in particular, in the last nautical year (until August 2023) 12 units of the 340 model and five of the 470 are built or under construction. By 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival the shipyard will complete hull #30 of 340 Regina, hull #5 of 470 Regina, and the very first unit of the brand new 420 Regina.

Indeed, the event was also an opportunity to preview the third and newest model in the Regina range: the FIM 420 Regina.


On the occasion of the opening event, Corrado Piccinelli, CEO and co-founder of Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi, wanted to thank all the participants: "Looking at this audience, I see in each of you an important part of my career in the nautical sector and beyond. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart our families, for the values they have passed on to us, our customers, for the trust and attachment they show us, then again the dealers, the journalists, the suppliers and collaborators, and last but not least all the members of our team, for the tenacity and commitment with which they face their responsibilities every day".

Manuela Barcella, CEO and co-founder of the company along with Corrado Piccinelli, adds: "I am very proud to see you all here to celebrate this important milestone for us and for FIM. I see this evening as the beginning of a wonderful journey that we will undertake, mostly because of the cooperation of you all".

"Being tonight at the inauguration event of the new FIM production plant means a lot to me," said Vannis Marchi, capital shareholder and co-founder of the fashion brand Liu Jo "It's like reliving my first times at Liu Jo, when you are preparing to carry out a project that is in progress, and you feel that you are building something great. And the proof that Corrado and Manuela are building something great is the presence of all of you, gathered here to celebrate such an important moment".


When introducing the new 420 Regina, Massimo Radice - General Manager of FIM - wanted to call on stage the entire team that helped create it. Among them: Alessandro Lottici, Design Studio a lot (concept and design); Arianna Bianchi and Silvia Capelli from LDI Design Studio (interiors, decor and styling).

Attached is the preliminary tech spec sheet of the FIM 420 Regina; further information and details will be revealed in the coming weeks, while the launch on the water is scheduled for the 2023 Cannes Yachting Festival.