The Seven Different Types of Yacht Brokers

There are multiple different types of yacht brokers, specialized across the yachting eco-cycle, including charter, sales, refit, and construction. Learn more.

Yacht brokers act as facilitators and can represent either the seller, buyer, charterer, or owner, providing expert advice and guidance at every stage of the yachting life-cycle.

When representing the buyer, brokers will work to find them the ideal yacht, helping to arrange viewings, managing contract negotiations and organizing sea trials. When representing the seller, a broker will market their vessel and help negotiate the best price, helping to maximize a yacht's full market potential.

Brokers also advise on financing, insurance, repairs and maintenance, yacht delivery services, charters, and yacht management. Professional yacht brokers must act with integrity, honesty and transparency at every touchpoint. The best are members of key industry bodies, such as the Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents, the Leading Yacht Brokers Association and the Florida Yacht Brokers Association. There are seven types of yacht brokers that specialize in different areas, each with its own set of skills and expertise. These include:
● Yacht sales brokers
● Yacht charter brokers
● Retail charter brokers
● Yacht finance brokers
● Yacht insurance brokers
● Yacht new build brokers 
● Yacht refit specialists

Yacht Brokers at Monaco Yacht Show

By understanding the roles of each type of broker, yacht buyers, sellers, owners and charterers can choose the right broker for their needs and access the expert advice they need.

 1 - Yacht Sales Brokers

 Yacht sales brokers, sometimes called retail yacht brokers, selling brokers or listing brokers, can represent either an owner selling their yacht or prospective buyers. They have vast maritime industry knowledge, boast data-led industry intelligence on the global boats for sale market, and are experts in sales negotiations. A selling broker representing an owner will market their client's yacht for sale for the best price possible. When representing a prospective buyer, a listing broker will find the perfect boat that meets their client's needs, arrange viewings, and then negotiate the best price on their behalf. Many sales brokers specialize in certain types of vessels, such as sailboats or motor yachts.

 ● Motor Yacht Brokers

 A motor yacht broker will be an absolute expert in all types of power boats, including displacement, semi-displacement, and planing hull yachts. They will have expertise on the pros and cons of each type of vessel and will be able to offer trustworthy advice. 

 ● Sailing Yacht Brokers

 Sailing yacht brokers usually have a background in sailing and genuinely understand the specific requirements of owning and maintaining a sailing vessel, down to the unique demands of a sailing yacht crew. From regatta yachts to luxurious classic sailing yachts, a specialized sailing yacht broker boasts in-depth knowledge and a network of industry contacts.

 ● Shipyard Expert Brokers

 Some sales brokers specialize not necessarily in a particular vessel type but rather in a shipyard. This might be because they have sold many yachts from that specific builder or worked for it before joining a brokerage. If you are looking for a boat from a particular builder, a respective shipyard expert will be the perfect partner for finding the suitable model or yacht.

 2 - Yacht Charter Brokers

 A yacht charter broker, sometimes called a charter marketing manager, represents the owner and is responsible for marketing their yacht for charter, securing bookings, coordinating the vessel's schedule, and ensuring all charter management and compliance aspects of the boat are expertly met. Their primary aim is to optimize the yacht's charter value.

 3 - Retail Charter Brokers

 Retail charter brokers work directly with charterers to help them find the right charter vessel. They have a thorough knowledge of cruising grounds and can help clients select the most suitable vessel, negotiate rates and craft incredible charter itineraries that meet their needs. A retail charter broker will be on hand to troubleshoot any issues during the charter.

 4 - Yacht Finance Brokers

 Yacht finance brokers assist with the financing of boats and yachts. They have an in-depth understanding of the various types of loans available and can help clients secure the best finance package for their purchase.

 5 - Yacht Insurance Brokers

 Yacht insurance brokers provide advice and assistance with yacht insurance policies. They advise clients on the coverage options and help them choose the best policy for their needs. Insurance policies can range from insuring an entire vessel to the insurance of a yacht charter.

 6 - Yacht New Build Brokers

 Yacht new build brokers specialize in the management of new build superyacht projects. They have a thorough understanding of new construction techniques. They can assist with negotiations, financing, insurance, and all other aspects of new boat builds, helping to keep build costs within budget. With in-depth knowledge of the world's leading shipyards, they can also help you select the right yard to help you realize your dream. By working closely with the buyer and shipyard during the entire process, new build brokers make building a yacht from sketch board to on the water as smooth and stress-free as possible.

 7 - Yacht Refit Brokers 

 Yacht refit brokers specialize in managing and arranging to restore, repair, and upgrade vessels. They often boast a network of contacts with leading shipyards to ensure a smooth and seamless refit process.

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How do I choose the right yacht broker?

 Choosing the right yacht broker is essential when you are looking to buy, sell, or charter a yacht. The best brokers will boast a wealth of expertise and industry intelligence and will be present at leading boat shows and events to stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends. Working with the right type of broker can ensure you maximize positive outcomes and provides peace of mind. The world's leading yacht brokerages boast specialized yacht brokers who are experts in their respective fields, ensuring you find the right broker no matter what stage of your yachting journey.