Sanlorenzo Superyacht division: a hotbed of innovation

Sanlorenzo reveals the highest levels of its experience, craftsmanship and innovation in the creation of Superyachts, a range that offers yachts owners the most authentic sense of adventure on the open sea.

Every model is the result of a 360-degree project, in which the design of the hull, forged in metal like a work of art, proceeds in step with that of the interiors, in a tailor-made creation personalized down to the smallest details, to respond to the requests of an exceptionally demanding clientele.
The Sanlorenzo Superyachts, from 40 to 70 meters in length, have become true icons, not only for their inimitable design based on pure lines and balanced proportions, but also and above all for their unique innovations, true firsts in this sector. Every new creation of the Superyacht division contains surprising and original solutions based on in-depth research on the concept of livability, with the aim of offering the yachtsman the highest quality of life on board.



Among the shipyard’s new proposal, the Sanlorenzo 44Alloy superyacht is a fast-displacement model with a length of 44.5 meters, entirely in aluminium, officially presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2020. A true conceptual upgrade of the award-winning 40Alloy famous for its folding platforms in the owner’s zone, its gullwing doors on the bridge, and its remarkable performance. The new model introduces a range of exceptional innovations.

First of all, the owner’s cabin, the conceptual fulcrum of the design, organized as a private apartment with an area of 145 square meters, on three levels with indoor and outdoor zones, in a solution never applied before on a superyacht of this size.

The 44Alloy provides surprising spaces not just for the owner but also for the guests, such as the large beach club that opens on three sides to permit full connection to the sea, and the foredeck that suggests multiple possibilities of use with its open area.



An evolution of the 460Exp, with which Sanlorenzo introduced the Explorer line that has made it possible to expand the normal range of a yacht to explore distant, uncontaminated destinations, the 500Exp model stands out for its exceptional characteristics of looks, livability and navigation. The impressive outer lines suggest the silhouettes of the great exploration vessels, leaving the aft deck open to host tenders or sailboats up to 9 meters in length, and even a seaplane or a submarine, in spaces usually unthinkable for a yacht of this size. Further openings significantly augment the swim platform to intensify the connection with the sea.



The 52Steel combines large internal volumes with comfortable outdoor spaces, offering visionary technical innovations while remaining below the 500GT threshold.
The revolutionary features of the 52Steel include the entire stern area: on the main deck the swimming pool with its transparent base allows light to enter the spaces below, while an exclusive beach area is created by opening the hatches on three sides, which become swim platforms grazing the surface of the water. The same area can quickly be transformed as a floodable garage for the owner’s tender: the beach platform rises to make room for the compartment, which can contain a tender up to 7.5 meters in length. The exclusive beach area of the 52Steel can quickly be transformed as a floodable garage for the owner’s tender



Making its debut at Monaco Yacht Show 2020, the new Sanlorenzo 62Steel offers surprising solutions designed to set new standards in the metal superyacht sector. With an overall length of 61.5 meters, maximum beam of 11.9, gross tonnage of 1200 and five decks, the 62Steel – thanks to its large volumes, innovative layout and advanced technologies – guarantees exceptional comfort and on-board livability never seen before on models of this size.
A unique concept that translates into the incredible spaces of the vast owner’s apartment, the large main salon and the majestic beach club on the lower deck.

 Owner apartment and deck
The characteristic features of the 62Steel project include the owner’s apartment that extends for a remarkable 210 square meters, of which 97 are inside, organized in a bedroom zone, a studio, two ample bathrooms and a walk-in dressing room, and 123 are outdoors at the fore of the upper owner’s deck. The stern of the lower deck opens to form a beach club of 92 m2 (containing lounge areas, a bar zone, a fitness space and a hammam) joined by another 40 m2 of folding terraces



At 1,600 gross tons, 64 meters of length, five decks and a maximum beam of 13.10 meters (42ft 11in), 64Steel Attila is the largest yacht ever made by Sanlorenzo. Thanks to a layout and structure usually found on bigger boats, the 64Steel Attila provides original solutions designed for maximum on-board livability, combined with elegant external lines.

The most important factor in the definition and concept of the yacht has been the desire to create continuity between the main aft deck, with the pool and dining area, and the beach club on the lower deck, by means of a double flight of steps. This characteristic makes it possible to fully enjoy the areas around which on-board social life gravitates. With the transom and lateral platforms open, the beach club – which also contains a sauna, a hammam, a massage room and a fitness area au fil de l’eau – covers an area of 78 square meters.