Frauscher 1414 DEMON Air

With it, the exclusive Frauscher shipyard set an exclamation mark in 2016 and impressed yacht lovers from all over the world.

Two years later, the award-winning flagship of the traditional Austrian shipyard was sold more than thirty times and is still one of the greatest eye-catchers on the world's oceans. Now Frauscher introduces the Air version of the powerful yacht.

The silhouette of the Frauscher 1414 Demon Air combines the typical design notes of the Frauscher shipyard - especially the flat bow with it´s vertical stem, the Z-shaped sideline and the frameless windscreen. Due to a freestanding centre helm the Air variant offers more space and comfort than any other Frauscher yacht before. On deck, the 14 meter long offshorer has a welcoming lounge area with a bar and a spacious bathing platform. Inside the yacht there is a large seating area with a kitchenette, a bathroom and a cabin in which up to four people can stay overnight. All these features turn the 1414 Demon Air into a highly functional Gentlemen´s Racer for both, day and weekendtrips.

The Frauscher 1414 Demon Air differs in two main features not only from other Frauscher models, but also from its competitors: The most striking feature is the dynamic all-carbon sunroof, which can be withdrawn sideways out of the hull and shadows the rear cockpit surface. Made of visible carbon fiber and a weight of only 150 kilo, the sunshade becomes a design object. Together with the side air intakes and the hinged pillars for the sunroof in the front seating area, which are also designed in carbon fiber, Frauscher impressively underlines the competence in dealing with this particularly light and stable material. In addition to sunprotection, the sunroof also integrates speakers for a even better hi-fi sound onboard and dimmable LEDlighting.

1414DEM 2

Another highlight is the automatically retractable table in the front lounge area. Unlike other boats, the large teak table not only lowers at the seat cushion level to create a huge and visually protected sunbed, but also disappears completely into the cockpit floor to maximize the sense of freedom on the 1414 Demon Air.

With the 1414 Demon Air, the Frauscher Shipyard demonstrates once again the expertise it has built up over the past 90 years of company history. This is reflected not only in the design of the yacht, but also in the quality of the craftmanship and the materials used. It was only in February that Michael Frauscher, managing director responsible for production and development, received the German Design Award 2018 for the closed model - the 1414 Demon.

The 800 PS strong 1414 Demon Air, as well as all other Frauscher boats, is carefully handcrafted in the shipyard in Ohlsdorf, Austria. This enables the shipyard to offer its customers a maximum of individualisation - starting with the colour of the hull, through the materials used, the high-end audiosystem and the engine.

Stefan Frauscher, managing director in the third generation, explains the success of the yacht: "With the 1414 Demon Air we have created an offshore boat that combines the lively driving characteristics of a powerboat with the luxury of a yacht. Whether an after-work trip with friends, a family trip for a swim, a long weekend on the water or a quick transfer between two islands - there is not a situation in which the 1414 Demon does not cut a good figure. And there is almost no wish we cannot realize in the individual design."

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