Palumbo Group unveils future strategies on Isa Yachts and refitting activities


Following the final transition dated last August 1st of Isa Yachts into the Group - at Monaco Yacht Show 2016 Palumbo Group S.p.A - presents its new major production and service site in Ancona, that will be part of Palumbo Superyacht division.

This acquisition fits into an internal reorganization plan at Palumbo Group, which is now divided into two main divisions:

Shipping (with facilities in Messina, Naples, Malta, Tenerife, and headquarter in Monaco) and Yachting, which will deal with New Build (with both brands Columbus and ISA, and with operational headquarters in Naples and Ancona); After-Sales and Palumbo Superyacht (Naples, Marseille, Tenerife, Malta and the new site of Ancona), which represents the major center of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic for both maintenance and refitting.

The Isa Yachts site will have a twofold and strategic function. It will become a central hub for the new units in production and for after-sales of Columbus and Isa brands; but it will be an important Refit & Repair service point of Palumbo SY, expanding its presence in the Adriatic Sea.

Palumbo Group S.p.A. is convinced that this new asset will lead to a major change in the scenery in the Mediterranean in regards to the refitting and the maintenance of large yachts.

In the superyacht market, thanks to the acquisition of Isa Yachts, Palumbo Group will operate under two distinct brands and an even greater force:

-Isa Yachts will maintain its characteristics of excellence of Italian style enriched by an improved design and by a series of new and innovative projects.

-Columbus Yacht becomes an extraordinary laboratory of completely custom-made superyacht, following the principle of "no-range", thanks to the versatility of its naval platforms.


The platforms currently available allow producing boats very different one form the other, in steel and aluminium: the award-winning Sport Hybrid (from 40 to 50 meters), Classic (from 54 to 80 meters), Explorer (from 50 to 80 meters), Custom, Liberty, Berlinetta and Oceanic Classic and Coupe', the latter one designed specifically for the US market and also for Asia.

Columbus has currently under construction/in production a 70m Custom megayacht, whose work began to meet a production plan of the Group.

ISA SPORT – Yachts made of composite materials that combine sporty elegance, outdoor liveability of an open, without sacrificing the richness of the interior expected in a cruise with one and a half decks. ISA SPORT 120 '- 36,45 m, (10 units sold), winner of MYDA Award 2005 (Yacht Design Award), ISA SPORT 140' - 43,63 meters, motor yacht silver wind

ISA GRANTURISMO - Series created to response to the market demand for displacement yachts in steel and aluminium with a perfect balance between internal and external lines.
The series offers six models: GT 24 - GT 33 - GT 43 - GT 50 - GT 66 (Okto, awarded at the World Yachts Trophies 2014) - GT 70.


ISA CLASSIC - The steel and aluminium ISA Classic series is distinguished by its elegantly classic lines and a timeless style; a line devoted to comfort and to the pursuit of large internal volumes. It consists of 6 models of different sizes that guarantee extreme liveability and meet any and all owner’s requirements: 41 ISA CLASSIC, CLASSIC ISA 50, ISA 60 CLASSIC (Mary Jane, winner of the World Superyacht Award 2011 as best displacement motor yachts between 500 and 1,299 tons), ISA 63 and ISA CLASSIC CLASSIC 80.

The ISA fleet currently has 31 cruising units: ISA Sport 133 (3) - ISA Sport 120’ (10) - ISA Sport 140’ (1) - ISA Granturismo 43 (1) - ISA Classic 47 (7) - ISA Classic 48 (1) - ISA Granturismo 66 (1) - ISA Classic 41 (1) -ISA Classic 50 (3) - ISA Classic 60 (1) - ISA Classic 63 (1) - ISA 54 (1)

THE NEW SERIES ISA SUPER SPORT - Yachts in composite materials designed as a natural evolution of the successful ISA SPORT series, emphasizing its sporty nature, and merging its unmistakable lines with the stylistic super sport trends typical of automotive and innovation. They maintain the characteristics of livability already present in the original model.
Design: Marco Casali
Models: ISA Super Sport 121’ - ISA Super Sport 141’


Columbus Yachts produces award-winning super-yachts (4 Showboats Design Awards and a World Super-yacht Awards for Columbus Sport Hybrid 40) by combining the best technical expertise with the excellence of Italian style, and conducting all activities in full compliance with existing rules and regulations in the environmental field in line with an “eco-friendly” philosophy.

SPORT HYBRID - Yacht series entirely in aluminium, semi-displacement, achieving high-performance with reduced environmental impact. Equipped with large windows and eco-friendly materials with zero speed stabilizers.

The series Columbus Sport Hybrid is powered by the well-known hybrid drive system created in partnership between the engineering department of Columbus Yachts and Siemens. This innovative integrated system is the first in the world in the luxury motor yacht industry to obtain the RINA Class Certificate "Hybrid Propulsion (Electric Motor & Shaft Generator)" in 2014.

It consists of: Sport Hybrid 40 and the new Sport Hybrid 45 – Sport Hybrid 50

OCEANIC CLASSIC - Long-range-oriented series with hybrid propulsion as options, and environmental-friendly building characteristics. Oceanic Classic from 54 to 80 m.

EXPLORER - Series of explorer vessels for ocean voyages, based on naval platforms between 50 and 80 meters. It consists of Tomahawk 500GT and the Explorer 70.

LIBERTY - Explorer in aluminium alloy. There are two projects: a 33 and a 38 m, very comfortable and with great indoor / outdoor liveability.

BERLINETTA – Super-yachts characterized by extremely voluminous interiors: Berlinetta 33 and Berlinetta 40.

OCEANIC COUPE’ - Sporty and comfortable, it is the new all-aluminium semi-displacement series designed specifically for the Asian and US markets.
The models are: Oceanic Coupe’ 45 - Oceanic Coupe’ 50 - Oceanic Coupe’ 62

The current fleet already launched by COLUMBUS YACHTS has four yachts - Classic 54m (2011) M/Y PRIMA, 40m (2013) Sport Hybrid M/Y ELEONORA III.
Columbus Yachts has launched two new units in 2015: 40m Sport Hybrid - M/Y DIVINE - and 57m Classic - M/Y TAIBA.