Ferretti Group pays its homage to the Founder of Itama, Mario Amati

Mario Amat1

Proud to continue the work of the great designer, the Ferretti Group bids farewell to the designer of the motor yachts “designed by those who love the sea for those who love the sea”. 

Mario Amati, unforgettable founder of Cantieri Navali ITAMA, which he established in Rome in 1969, has passed away at the age of 83.

 Mario Amati was a brilliant designer, and the inventor of a unique style and of iconic motor yachts. “Open yachts designed by those who love the sea for those who love the sea". 

ITAMA motor yachts (the brand recalls the surname of the founder, read backwards) immediately became popular as cult objects owing to their elegance of lines, the reliability of their technologies, their strong character and their precise stylistic imprint.

“The Itama motor yachts do not change every year to follow trends... I make boats for those who live well and want to live even better. These boats are symbols of happiness”. This is the ITAMA style, expressed in the words of its founder. “On behalf of the Ferretti Group, and of those who love the sea and the Itama style, I thank a man whose vision, intelligence and work have left their red letter mark on international yachting” - stated Alberto Galassi, Chief Executive Officer of the Ferretti Group.

“Mario Amati was a designer of unrivalled talent. A great Italian has left us. Proud to continue his work, the Ferretti Group gives its heartfelt thanks to Mr. Amati and his genius and bids him farewell.”