Overmarine Group announces Sale of a Mangusta 132


Overmarine Group is proud to announce the sale of yet another unit from the new Mangusta 132 series.

“2015 was an incredibly challenging and exciting year for the Group,” declared a satisfied Francesco Frediani, Group Commercial Director, “and we’re confident this positive trend we’re experiencing will also continue in the future. This new sale has shown us that the market understands and appreciates the continuous research we’ve carried out and our innovation, which focus, from the quality point of view, on guaranteeing excellence and wellbeing on board and, from the technical point of view, on a specific attention to both limiting consumption and yacht stability at anchor and underway.”

Over the past two years, the Overmarine Group has launched 4 new Maxi Open Mangusta models on the market, of which Mangusta 132 is the most recent. This yacht, displayed as a world première at the Monaco Yacht Show last September, is fruit of the massive experience of this family company and its ability to constantly move forward: onboard comfort, a distinctive feature on all Mangusta yachts, has been considerably improved through the use of gyroscopic stabilisers which make it possible to reduce rolling both at anchor and underway, increasing the range of uses for which this yacht can comfortably be utilised. It is now possible to cruise at a displacement speed, during transfers for example, of 12-15 nautical miles, without any rolling. Consumption has also been considerably reduced thanks to the new generation driving package combined with the evolution of the lines of the hull.


The external profile is that of tradition, with the elegant, timeless design and racy, sporty lines, into which the latest aesthetic and structural changes of the new models have seamlessly been integrated. Firstly, the new generation of glazing, a single pane of glass at the height of the salon which offers excellent visibility from inside and lets in copious amounts of natural light. Secondly, the presence of a spacious flybridge featuring a dynamic, modern line, with aesthetic rear grills, which can also be fitted with a second helm. It lends itself to being used as a private area for the Owner where to both relax fully and enjoy the exciting experience of cruising at high speeds.

For this unit, as indeed for all Mangusta yachts, the Group’s Design Department offered the Owner a number of suggestions regards interior layouts, style solutions and customised decor, managing to fully satisfy his taste and wishes. Onboard volumes are highly impressive and the layout of the internal space is the result of a careful architectural study aimed at ensuring the very highest levels of onboard comfort and excellent and indeed total separation between the guest and crew areas. Moreover, the large external areas have been expertly produced so those aboard can enjoy either relaxing or socialising, making it possible to use the yacht in a range of different ways whilst always ensuring as much contact with the sea as possible.

She will be ready in autumn 2016.