Centurion 57 is awarded «European Luxury Yacht of the Year 2015»

The final results of the 12th edition of the “European Yacht Of The Year” contest were released during the opening night of the Düsseldorf Boatshow last Saturday January 17th.

The jury, made up of 11 European sailing press journalists (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom) did hold the mystery to the end!
Every year, the “European Yacht Of The Year” crowns new cruisers divided in four categories: “Family Cruiser”, “Luxury Cruiser”, “Fast Cruiser” and “Special Yacht”.
In 2014, the Centurion 57 was nominated among a thorough selection of the new production boats.
The Wauquiez Centurion 57 is now officially awarded “European Luxury Yacht of the Year 2015”.
In addition to the recognition of her elegance and her comfortable equipment setting, the Centurion 57 mainly marked up for her great sailing performances during the sea trials. Indeed, there was quite tough weather conditions (7 Beaufort), and heavy seas.


The jury particularly emphasized those main qualities:
- The high-level build quality
- The well-engineered design
- The intrinsic marine performances
- The easy-handling for a reduced crew
- The securised cockpit, which offers a global rigging view
- A very classical yacht with a pure-bred style and sleek lines
- A well-designed, warm, luxury, but not overwhelmingly furnished interior
For Wauquiez’s 50th anniversary celebration this year, this award is a tremendous recognition of the yard’s work over the last 4 years to reach again with the Centurion trademark the segment of state-of-the-art, blue ocean luxury fast cruisers that made the reputation of the brand over the years.