Dragonship 25m Super Trimaran concept

Introducing the Dragonship 25m super trimaran concept from Pi Superyachts Ltd – one of the most striking and technically superior designs the yachting market has seen for a long time.

Calling out to individualists, or anyone who may have grown tired of the usual offerings, the Dragonship concept is founded upon the same principles that make all good multihull designs inherently safe, fast and stable yachts, that are easy to handle, with comparatively vast amounts of practical living space. The Dragonship 25’s unique competencies extend the principle even further by offering an ethical, eco-friendly sailing experience that’s clean and with near zero impact on the environment.

This eco-friendliness we refer to is based upon a combination of solar power and electrical energy, created via a trailing prop generator system, interspersed with four mini 25kw generators that ‘top-up’ the power bank reserve when there’s little wind, or not enough sunlight to derive its much preferred natural energy from.

The result of the dedication of Pi Superyachts, CEO and Founder, Will O’Hara and his vastly experienced team, combined with the skills of Devon based yacht designer, Julian Moore. There are three distinct versions comprised of a lower deck, main deck and bimini-covered flybridge based upon the same 25m length hull and internal layout.

The ‘Classic’ version, for example, uses a traditional fore and aft cutter rig and will appeal to existing multihull and monohull sailors who want to upgrade their yachting to a much high degree of interior comfort and bespoke customisation.

The Dragonship ‘Motor Yacht’ version then dispenses with a rig and instead employs twin 600hp motors for primary propulsion.

But perhaps the most fascinating and most ‘stand-out’ concept of them all is the Dragonship ‘Eco Lux’ version, which uses an Autosail soft-wing sail system, backed up by twin LMC v26 Electric Motors with 200kw Lithium Ion battery packs. The motors convert to generators when sailing and this version offers a potential range of over 20,000 Nm using one tank of fuel.

Designed by Flt Lt Jack Manners-Spencer the Autosail soft wing is shaped like an aircraft wing, with no standing or running rigging there’s less noise and less maintenance to worry about. The sail is supported by a self-supporting, carbon fibre mast and fixed boom/cradle that can rotate 360° and powered by electric motors connected to a sail pilot system. The sail itself is hoisted and lowered via self-supporting battens that slide up and down the mast and the system has been proven to have better performance than standard sails in most conditions and wind angles.

Yet another unique feature of a trimaran design is the practical use of the main hull and amas either side. In this case, creation of an ample 540m² interior and external living space, meaning up to 10 guests and 8 crew can be accommodated comfortably with up to 16 guests in the Dragonship charter version option.

One of the focal points of the exterior is the flybridge. Here owners and guests will enjoy whiling away their time enjoying the heady views, or slipping in to the Jacuzzi from time to time to cool down, or taking part in the handling action from the external helmstation positioned here.

A large foredeck area, spacious aft-deck and internal gym complete the list of features and benefits that position the Dragonship 25m concept within the upper superyacht league.

The Dragonship range starts from €5.5mil.


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