ODM Yacht Brand Hyperlien Yacht


This year, it has snatched two additional international awards, the iF Design Award in Germany and A' Design Award in Italy. TBDC has also founded the ODM yacht brand name Hyperlien Yacht to make its first foray into the international market.

Specializing in architecture, spatial planning, interior design and industrial design, why did TBDC make the transition to the field of yacht design? The story started from the moment design director Janus Huang obtained his boating license.

With the license, his next step was to select a yacht according to his preference. “Yachts on the market matching my performance requirements lacked a sense of design; while ones with design and quality either fell short in spatial planning or the performance department, thus it was difficult for me to find my ideal yacht.” Feeling frustrated, Janus Huang simply designed his own yacht. After three years of design and redesign, he finally came up with three individualistic yachts.

The design of the Shark Line 46 - which won the iF Design Award and A' Design Award - draws inspiration from the shark, where relatively abstract presentation techniques were applied to fuse the streamlined, razor-sharp lines with colors of metallic silver and black to sculpt the sleek, chic exterior. Just as the predatory stance of the shark, the yacht embodies the sense of mystique of the shark while it is silently waiting for the prey, and the dramatic tension of speed while in hot pursuit of its victim. Having received the iF Design Award, the Modern Vintage’s design is inspired by the classic lines of the 60s and 70s, where neat, stylish elements are complemented by high waistline and curved lines portray an elegant demeanor.Since the boat is relatively small, a pair of flanks were added to replace the original walkway and maximize the cabin space, thereby achieving perfect balance of the hull and making handling more agile.

Nominated for the A' Design Award in Italy, Modern Classic Gran Torino’s design draws inspiration from the traditional sports car of the 70s by employing rugged lines and large expanse of wood veneer to re-create the classic aesthetics of a vintage car. There is a retractable sunroof on the spacious sundeck that can be closed in the event of rain to protect the furniture.


Janus Huang emphasizes “I believe that consumers are not moved by silk bedding or marble countertops, rather they are pleased by elements such as color, lights and space,” in addition to using numerous years of experience in spatial design to optimize space, Hyperlien Yacht also pays attention to aspects such as a coffee machine, sound system and food storage in order to uphold such design philosophy and create the most comfortable, leisurely physical/spiritual state for the users during the voyage.

In addition to refreshing new design, newcomer Hyperlien Yacht’s partnering shipyard has over six decades of experience, and its ships have all received multiple certifications to ensure their quality and safety. “I’m confident that by combining our novel designs with the outstanding craftsmanship of shipbuilders in Taiwan, Hyperlien Yacht will be able to gain popularity among consumers in different countries,” says Janus Huang assertively.



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