[Promo] Openichnos.The monitoring & tracking solution you are looking for

Openichnos is exactly what you need as it is the ultimate tracking & monitoring solution since it enables you to remotely view your boat's location, the instrument's status and the weather conditions so that you can react in time to protect both your assets and people on board.

After receiving extensive feedback from the yachting professionals, we have designed and built a device to remedy their pain points. With Openichnos boat owners can enjoy 100% global coverage without having to rely on the limited mobile GSM network and, upon request, 100% energy autonomy too.

More importantly, the boat owner can get alerted in many critical situations like when the boat’s batteries are about to get depleted, when the boat goes in/out of preset areas (geofencing) or when there is a power cut onboard.

Openichnos Device 1

Having developed end-to-end both the hardware and the software, Openichnos is an Internet of Things gateway that brings together all the boat’s existing sensors and even applies new sensors according to the owner’s specific needs. Furthermore, Openichnos is designed with an eye to the future and therefore it is fully expandable allowing us to implement our plans for two-way communication on a commercial level, in order to enable boat owners to give instructions to their boats remotely.

All of this in a plug-and-play device where the end user needs no SIM cards, SMS and credits anymore!

Will you leave your assets untracked?


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