Compact compressor cooling that fits anywhere


There’s always room for one more, reads an old saying. Even so, room is often in short supply on board a boat. This is why many skippers used to go without the comforts of an effective cooling device for their provisions.


WAECO now offers an ideal solution to the problem with its new compressor drawer fridge, CoolMatic CD 20. Its usual place is on the flybridge, where it slides open with ease, locks back in place safely, and provides reliable cooling for food and drinks.

The new drawer fridge can also be installed in any other storage space, inside or out, to facilitate daily routines. Designed for operation on 12 and 24 volts DC, the stylish appliance generates the same cooling temperature as a domestic refrigerator, anytime and anywhere.

It draws a mere 40 watts of power, consuming a modest 0.67 amp-hours at an ambient temperature of 20°C, and a still favourable 1.33 amp-hours when temperatures are soaring at 32°C.

The cooling unit of the WAECO CoolMatic CD 20 can be detached for installation and fitted up to 50 centimetres away from the unit if required. Its sturdy metal cabinet encloses well proven WAECO technology: a fully hermetic compressor with integrated control electronics, an electronic thermostat as well as the complete safety equipment, including low-voltage protection, automatic reverse pole protection, and an electronic fuse.

Last but not least, the appliance is e-certified.

The smart space-saving miracle provides an amazing capacity of 20 litres. Two model versions are available, with either a black or white front. Both come at the same price.


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