MEDYS 2023: An unforgettable day 4

MEDYS 2023: An unforgettable day 4

On the fourth day of the MEDYS 2023 proceedings, the event remained in full swing.

As the world's largest crewed charter yacht show, the MEDYS has become a fixture in the international yachting community. With only one day left until its conclusion, it's the perfect time to experience the Show at its best.

 Chefs' Competition: Winners Announced

On Day 4, the Chefs' Competition came to its final conclusion. Asked to cook around this year's theme of "Zero Waste from the Greek Seas" the chefs crafted exemplary dishes celebrating sustainable seafood dining from head to tail.

After two challenging days of pioneering culinary competition, it was announced that Emmanouil Perros of M/Y Zen won first prize in Category A, and Tatiana Konstantinidi of M/Y Hakuna Matata won first prize in Category A Platinum.

According to the judges, Chef George Papazacharias and Chef Antonio Mellino - both awarded 2 Michelin stars - as well as yacht brokers Anzela Zurlo and Bobby Bigio, the chefs demonstrated refined techniques, visionary thinking, and bold flavors throughout the course of the competition.

The award ceremony for the Chefs' Competition took place last night at the Valaora Restaurant, marking a truly spectacular evening that has set the tone for the upcoming final day of the MEDYS 2023.

Further Information
Today marks the final day of MEDYS 2023. As always, please refer to the MEDYS website for further information on this year's show. Representatives can be found at the GYA kiosk at the Port of Nafplion to assist all attendees, and golf cart transit remains accessible for all attendees around the port.


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