Fancyabag by Dominiki

Fancyabag by Dominiki

Fancyabag by Dominiki started off as an experimental project at the end of 2020.

Dominiki, the founder and designer of the project, lived and worked in England up until COVID abruptly brought her back to Greece in 2020. As most of her valuables were left back in England for months, Dominiki has to shopping spree in Athens when the summer came. Disappointed by the options she had when it came to shoes and handbags in the Greek market, Dominiki had an idea, to create what wasn’t there.

Starting off from “tweaking” already existing designs and adding her own twist to the colors and textures used, she ended up creating her own collections by the end of 2021.

Fancyabag by Dominiki 2

Already on the window of 3 businesses of different style and vibe (2 in Athens and 1 in Agkistri island), Fancyabag has a growing audience of women between 20-60 years old.

Our name is essentially a question without a question mark, rendering it an answer at the same time.

Fancyabag by Dominiki 4

Fancyabag handbags are not for the lighthearted. A Fancy is addressed to girls and women with superpowers, active, dynamic, dreamers who hold on to their uniqueness and individuality. The ordinary does not echo with their personality, they want to look at their wardrobe and see originality and second-to-none aesthetics. Fancies can of course provide all aforementioned as they are street style handbags with a funky twist. They are constructed from top quality premium materials: fine leather, tier A metals, 100% cotton for our Summer Tote collection. All of our bags are proudly handmade in Greece with ethical wages, supporting the local communities and artisans who keep their craft alive.

Fancyabag by Dominiki 5

To keep the collection complete, you can of course shop with us funky, stainless steel, gold plated jewelry, that will turn even the most basic outfit into a street style statement.

You should definitely become a Fancy girl, but only if you can handle being stopped every 5 minutes!

Fancyabag by Dominiki 6

Instagram: @fancyabag
Facebook: FAB by Dominiki

Points of saleς:

Petra Boutique, Agkistri, Myloi

PaperLink (Το Παραθύρι) Θουκιδίδου 46, Άλιμος

The Body Project, Άλιμος
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