Remezzo Mykonos: Almost 50 years of cosmopolitanism and legendary Mykonian nights.

Almost 50 years of cosmopolitanism and legendary Mykonian nights.

Nestled in the most cosmopolitan island in Greece, Remezzo is the ultimate Fine Dining & Cocktail Bar in Mykonos. Dating back in 1967, Remezzo has carved a reputation for decades as the ultimate meeting point for international jet setters. Overlooking the entire “Chora” offering dramatic views of the island and its famous sunset, Remezzo creates a magical, intimate dining and night experience.

Delivering a unique blend of traditional greek cuisine with an international contemporary twist, Remezzo’s gastronomic approach draws upon skilful culinary expertise, knowledge and attention to detail. The menu features dishes brimming with raw imagination and inspiration like the Ceviche made with the treasures Delos island has to offer and the tuna tartare on top of beef carpaccio served with wasabi mayonnaise. Smoked octopus combines with Santorini Fava and homemade pickles. Traditional elements, both greek and Mykonian, are always present in dishes like the island’s famous onion pie and the stuffed tomatoes that are served with Remezzo’s very own twist. For those with a sweet tooth, the mascarpone and coffee tart will be this summer’s must-eat.


Nights in Remezzo
When in Mykonos and Remezzo, nights never stop there. The talented mixologists serve signature cocktails for the classic lovers and twisted ones for those who seek that certain something apart from a whole world of premium labels and a carefully curated wine-list. Legendary for its parties, Remezzo always seeks the best DJs and live performances that promise to set the tone for the unforgettable party nights that last until dawn. Remezzo’s renovated interior, the ultimate Μykonian place to be and be seen, is welcoming you to another summer season bursting with flavours and fun.

Remezzo, always after the highest standards possible, is exclusively offering the one-of-a kind experience of Lambda, the bottled liquid gold that is considered as the most luxurious olive oil in the world.

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