[Promo] Apollon Elite: Elevating Your Travel Experience

Established in 2010, our unwavering commitment to delivering impeccable transportation services tailored to unique needs sets us apart.

Our team of experts, deeply versed in the nuances of luxury transport, ensures that Apollon Elite seamlessly adapts to the dynamic market landscape. In 2016, we expanded our services to include VAN and Limo options, marking a pivotal moment in our pursuit of excellence.

Furthering our commitment to innovation and sustainability, 2021 saw the introduction of Hybrid and Electrical technology vehicles to our fleet, encompassing SUVs, Vans, and city cars. Each vehicle boasts the perfect blend of modern comforts and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your journey is nothing short of remarkable.

At Apollon Elite, your comfort and safety are paramount. Our services cover a spectrum of needs, from meticulously organized excursions, group transfers, and efficient airport transportation to captivating sightseeing experiences around Greece. Our VIP transfers are tailored to meet the highest standards, and our wedding transportation services add a touch of elegance to your special day.


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The Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota Collaboration 25 years

The Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota Collaboration: 25 years

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