Hôtel Les Grandes Alpes: New restaurant opening Sylvestre Wahid in Courchevel

Winter 2021 is, for Sylvestre Wahid, the right season for him to unveil his new restaurant. An eponymous restaurant in Courchevel France, which will open its doors on December 10, 2021.

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A confidential restaurant in the heart of the Hotel Les Grandes Alpes 1850, legendary boutique hotel in the valley, renowned for its suites, apartments and private chalets and its unique hospitality.

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Tasting Menu x Sylvestre Wahid

Around fifteen dishes, including the signature dishes reinterpreted for the occasion, including the Roscoff's port edible crab or the lemon and seaweed dessert.

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9 years later, as a matter of course, Sylvestre Wahid comes back to the snow- capped heights, to Courchevel exactly, where he starred two times at Strato. Eponymous restaurant, Sylvestre Wahid is back home in Courchevel, and conceptualized his restaurant like he wanted to; him who readily defines himself as a "modern innkeeper" where luxury, purity and pleasure combine to creating emotions.

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"Cooking is an art de vivre, of well-being, serenity, peace of mind. I can't wait to be able to once again enhance the beauty and the power of the raw products, cooked without adding fat or salt. or sugar. My menu will be a journey between land and sea, mountains and valleys, with a few nods to the European Alps, between France, Switzerland and Italy. For example, fregola sarda will join duck foie gras from the Landes or even radicchio will follow the sublime wild duckling from Madame Burgaud. "

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TRISTAN AUER, Designer of French elegance - Marie Claire

The designer and interior architect has conceived with the chef the cozy and connected setting while modernity. An elegant room open to the kitchen with only four tables, under a velvety ceiling textured like a nod to the snow-capped peaks. Tristan Auer asserts there his love for beautiful materials and contrasts: lava stone, dark wood, drawn curtains, marble, rust- effect leather and hammered metal. Connected tables that will integrate rechargeable table lamps which will also allow guests to charge their devices discreetly.

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Designer and project manager, Jérôme W Bugara, watchful to the smallest detail, has meticulously embroidered the setting reserved for the innovative and luxurious tables. Surrounded by the best French artisans: Isabelle Poupinel for the dishes, Christofle and Bernardeau for the tableware, but also the artist Marie Field whose very graphic designs hand-calligraphed will dress the daily menus of the chef. The restaurant will certainly lead a new wave of elegance with futurism.

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