Marpoint introduces the most innovative crew welfare solution with Evo News

Evo News is a customized and cost effective RSS solution that delivers thousands of compressed articles to hundreds of vessels around the globe

One of the most common problems in maritime communication is keeping your crew up-to-date anywhere in the world in a low-cost manner. Marpoint recognised the market needs for a new alternative crew welfare solution that gives the opportunity to create a customised newsfeed based on any demand or crew requirements while it will be available worldwide in the lowest cost possible.

Customised RSS feed as a Cost Effective Solution
Maritime businesses will now be able to completely customise their newsfeed in a variety of ways. They can now make any newsfeed as personal and low cost as possible, with Evo News, by:
- sending a vast number of compressed news and articles on a daily basis, from different countries in different languages (based on crew nationality) as they are directed via links/RSS of local sites of the crew.
- selecting exactly which RSS newsfeeds they want to distribute, from any country or category, with or without pictures, while they can create the company’s custom news and training sessions for their crew
- viewing all articles on the vessel’s internal network while the crew use their own devices (BYOD, laptop, smartphone, crew pc etc.).
- limiting the internet usage of the service to only a few MB, as more than 150 complete articles (with pictures) or more than 1000 articles (text only) can be send to any vessel with only one MB.
- reading articles locally on the vessel (with no additional data consumption) through a user-friendly custom web interface while they can access offline all articles and news.

Evo News brings the crew welfare experience on a whole new level using the latest technologies and innovations.

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