[Promo] What is that makes Nescafé Frappé so different?

What is that makes Nescafé Frappé so different? Why is it considered to be Greek? How do the Greeks enjoy it and how is it connected with Greek summer?

60 years of coffee joy…Let’s start answering those questions going 60 years back, when the first ever Nescafé Frappé was made. It was a sunny September day and one of the employees of Nestlé in the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair wanted to enjoy his usual cup of Nescafé. But he could not find hot water so he had the idea of blending together Nescafé instant coffee with cold water and shaking them in a shaker. Nescafé Frappé was born!

This new way to make instant coffee became frenzy instantly! The result of a delightful glass of coffee with a frothy and creamy top seemed to fascinate people. It was cold but certainly the new hot thing. Simple people, celebrities, youngsters, opinion leaders and literally everyone was enjoying Nescafé Frappé. And it was no passing fashion as it continued to grow in popularity for years becoming a real Greek classic an connecting itself with the Greek summer.

60 minutes of Greek summer!

Nowadays, more than a coffee it’s a cult. Relaxing under the sun, spending time to philosophize about life and being together with friends are more than ever connected to Nescafé Frappé! Greeks like to add some sugar and/or milk in it and drink it slowly, enjoying a long discussion or a long book.

Now that you know something about Nescafé Frappé, a nice idea is to make the most of your visit in Greece by enjoying it like Greeks do. Enjoy it slowly with friends and you’ll have all the right to boast about having a 100% Greek summer. No need to ask where you can order it of course. We doubt there is a single coffee shop in Greece not serving Nescafé Frappé.

 Ask for it everywhere and enjoy it every time!

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