Christmas is better if you give a watercolor! Your boat, between wind and waves, by Emanuela Tenti


Christmas is coming! So send your favorite pictures of your favorite subject to Emanuela and she will transform them into unique watercolors.

The internationally acclaimed Genoa based artist has been admired for her beautiful and original paintings for years. Any theme can be the perfect subject: from vintage yachts to classic powerboats, from majestic ocean liners to work boats, from traditional Venetian lagoon boats to Cape Horn sailing ships, from seascapes to stormy lighthouses in Brittany and scenes from costal towns and harbors. Emanuela's works adorn the walls of naval museums, yacht clubs and private collections. Her coveted drawings are also awarded during events and competitions.

Ship portraits and marine watercolors are her specialties. Born near Treviso, Emanuela Tenti has adopted Genoa as her home. Working for years as an affirmed graphic artist in advertising, she has authored graphics for important brands at the major trade fairs in Liguria. For more than twenty years she has painted on commission for sailing enthusiasts and yacht owners, often inspired by images from famous photographers.


All you have to do is send her one or more images to see them transformed into timeless works of art. Emanuela accurately reproduces the specific characteristics of the yacht's hulls and rigs, maintaining proportions, the cut of the sails, the colors, even the decorations. An exceptional attention to detail that give authenticity and credibility to the painting.

Emanuela is always eager to get out on the water where she can closely study the yachts and crews as they race in all the sea and weather conditions found during classic yachting events. Having gathered all she needs to create a detailed drawing, she then creates a watercolor, donating vigor and sparkle to her subjects.


Emanuela's goal is to valorize and defend the disappearing art of seamanship. Each subject, from coastal schooners to centennial racing yachts, whether an oil painting or ink watercolor, exudes emotion and awakes our dreams, carrying us back in time. Her devotion to beauty and classic shapes, through their history and culture, invite us to reflect and rediscover forgotten worlds.

Being passionate about the sea is surely Emanuela's greatest asset. Anyone who has met her can confirm this sensation. A boat owner is above all someone who loves their boat, and they will surely be fascinated when they meet an artist that brings these marvelous vessels to life like no other. It's not just the brush that creates the work of art, but the artist's heart and love of the sea!

Available as originals or as limited edition numbered prints in the following formats (in centimeters):
20 x 30, 35 x 70, 50 x 70, 100 x 140

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