New Solaris 55: The Ultimate Evolution of the Range

New Solaris 55 The Ultimate Evolution of the Range

Solaris Yachts is delighted to announce the new Solaris 55, currently under construction in Aquileia, which will be presented worldwide at the September 2024 Boat Shows.

The upcoming future of the shipyard promises to be full of exciting news, in addition to the launch of the new 55, the new Solaris 74RS, its first unit set to touch the water next May, and the 40 ST in an advanced stage of construction.

The new Solaris 55 is the culmination of unparalleled experience and knowledge: the 50-year history of the Solaris Yachts shipyard converge into the Solaris 55, which embodies all the qualities of a boat designed for circumnavigating the globe or for a pleasant day sailing.

Solaris has again continued its successful collaboration with Naval Architect Javier Soto Acebal. At the same time, Adi Design has developed the interior design, and the Solaris team has taken care of the structures, systems, and internal technical design.

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Every aspect and detail of the project, every component chosen from the best brands on the market, has found its rightful place thanks to a refined and meticulous study of a boat with a LOA of 16.90 meters and a beam of 5.00 meters.

Shipyard quote: Remaining to the shipyard's tradition, we have designed the Solaris 55 based on the evolution of previous models. Thanks to the distinctive features that led to the success of the Solaris 58 and then the 55, we have optimized the volumes, comfort, and performance of a model - a perfect crossover for those desiring a safe, seaworthy boat, meticulously crafted in every detail, and, last but not least, with that feeling that has made Solaris unmistakable.

Hull and deck layout
The hydrodynamic study has defined a modern hull, with a small chine at the bow disappearing into a rounded broad stern, which ensures the longitudinal trim. The deck layout is both clean and functional as a result of specific attention and knowledge of deck ergonomics. The broad cockpit with full-width steering wheels improves visibility during sailing and while manoeuvring in the harbour. The two cockpit tables are extremely comfortable, with a central passage towards the boat’s companionway, which also features two innovative windows that allow increased natural light to enter the cabins and the saloon.

Unique features of this latest Solaris are the opening transom to store the dinghy with an outboard engine in a longitudinal position and very convenient steps to access the bathing platform, which are moulded into the hull.

The structure, like on every Solaris, is characterized by the connection of the three composite main bulkheads which are laminated and resin bonded to the hull and deck. Furthermore, it has a lead bulb and cast iron keel, mounted with a coupling flange to the hull structure. A perfect blend of innovation and traditional solutions: Solaris 55 is born from great commitment and care to always ensure the owner's safety and comfort.

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Below the deck, you will instantly notice the perfect symmetry, which is the result of a thorough analysis of the distribution of space and light: the traditional interior layout is conceived with a spacious forward owners suite, available in two versions with a central or an offset bed, along with a bathroom with a large shower. The saloon conveys light and symmetry and can be equipped with a sofa or two large armchairs. The portside L-shaped galley is customizable according to the owner's needs and can be equipped with every comfort.

The two aft cabins have their bathroom with a separate shower. The sail locker can be converted into a crew cabin with an integrated bathroom.

The new Solaris 55 is our latest innovation. She represents a yacht built according to blue water yacht criteria, at the same time it can be sailed easily for an unforgettable day sail.

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Solaris 55.2 design notes from Javier Soto Acebal

The search for aesthetics for Solaris is a top priority. A combination of discipline, time and effort is required to have a nice-looking boat. Lots of tests and mock-ups for the sheer line, the overhangs, cabin shape have been done. At the end of the road and in simple terms we have a reverse sheer, a short aft overhang, a curved stem with a flying knuckle close to the water, and a low cabin that ends just forward of the mast, much shorter than the previous 55. So, we find a really big foredeck similar to a mini-maxi boat. Although this sounds like lots of new features, the boat still must have the familiar Solaris type.

Hull shape:
This new boat shows lots of small changes almost in every corner, above and below the water line. To sum up we focus on two major issues: stability and hull balance, thus improving overall performance. There is an aggressive increase in form stability with special treatment in the forward zones, where local righting moments rise quickly with heeling. For sure the stern zones also show big volumes, but we find almost a circular transom shaping, this is to reduce transom turbulence drag and our search for a balanced hull, we do not want our sterns to sink the bow, we want a bow-up attitude.
All these new hull forms and changes will not only improve balance, performance and sea kindness but also will allow to set up the new code zeros in a wider range of wind. Our aim is that this boat looks clearly like a Solaris and that the observer discovers the subtle changes gradually at the mooring and functionally at the sea.

The new Solaris 55 is a further step forward, both in the family feeling and in the evolution of a style that encompasses a yacht built according to the safety and performance standards of maxi yachts and can be comfortably used for an unforgettable day of sailing.