Searider: Ride the Future

Searider Ride the Future

The New Vehicle Revolutionizing Aquatic Gliding Sports!

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It's official! SEARIDER, the brand revolutionizing the world of water sports and motorcycling, was unveiled to the public at the Düsseldorf Boat Show on Saturday, January 20th at 11:11 am. Flavien Neyertz, the founder, blended the essence of motorcycling with the spirit of water sports, creating a revolutionary and unique concept.

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SEARIDER is not just a brand; it's a true "masterpiece" that combines design, performance, innovation, and sustainable mobility. This electric vehicle represents the future of navigation, a perfect union between innovation and environmental respect. With three models tailored to beginners, experienced riders, or thrill-seekers, SEARIDER is opening a new chapter in the history of water sports, promising unprecedented and thrilling piloting experiences!

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Fully electric, equipped with removable batteries for maximum autonomy, and weighing less than 70 kg, SEARIDER offers a fun and sustainable boating experience. It's not just a new way to move on water; it's a revolution redefining the future of navigation, where innovation and ecology meet.

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