The Y9 Pilot House: Gracious Space for Family and Friends

The Y9 Pilot House Gracious Space for Family and Friends

The Y9 Pilot House is the second version of the Y9 category and features a striking deckhouse that offers a very bright salon and phenomenal views at the sea.

The Y9 Pilot House 2

The layout of the Y9 Pilot House is optimized for families and friends to enjoy extensive cruising. Andrew Winch and his experienced team designed a sophisticated atmosphere below deck.

The Y9 Pilot House 3

The Y9 is perfectly scaled to human dimensions and activities by eliminating exaggerated exterior and interior lines and proportions, as well as ineffectual spaces that are difficult to manage and maintain. Ensuring the owner remains connected to the sea and onboard guest with minimal distractions.

The Y9 Pilot House 4

Y9 pilot house, fast on the water
Under sail, the Y9 Pilot House offers very good performance, like any YYacht, due to its lightweight construction. The well thought-out concept allows the Y9 to be sailed with a very small crew.
Y9 pilot house for more panoramic views

The Y9 Pilot House 5

Above its clean, uncluttered deck, the Y9 Pilot House features a carbon rig. A circumferential railing provides the necessary sense of security.

The Y9 Pilot House 6

Several guest and crew cabin options are available for the Y9 Pilot House. The distinctive coach roof floods the salon with abundant daylight, which also boasts 360° views of the sea. This coach roof design is not only an aesthetic element, but also helps to reduce overheating below deck by deflecting the rays of the warming sun and minimizing the energy required to keep the interior cool in hot climates. This is just one of the aspects defining the Y9 as a sustainable yacht.

The Y9 Pilot House 7