The special feature of the 50 G

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The Rebel family is enhanced with a new model that conveys the characteristics of the brand like never before: dynamism and versatility on the one side, with safety and comfort on the other.

The Rebel 50 G is the perfect embodiment of this balance, as it breaks the rules without making ostentatious strides. It stands out immediately with its original and unprecedented colour hues, which range between shades of grey and powder; called Stingray, it is a tribute to the brand's elegant and iridescent livery.

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Characterised by a sense of balance and continuity of form typical of Christian Grande's style, its profile is captivating for the sense of continuity created between the aft-deck and main deck, and stands out for its unconventional design. It is positioned between the market of classic ribs and that of open boats, this transition is underscored by its profiles in tapered foam, which guarantee safe mooring and add sportiness without affecting its sleek side profile.

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The special feature of the 50 G is its large window, designed as a natural continuation of the tube to create light and transparency inside, and give this model a look that immediately stands out from the rest. Grande explained that “the glass portion seems deliberately suspended to suggest an enthralling sensation of floating”.

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The glass, which creates a closed and protected space, distinguishes this model from the others in the same range: the G, which is a closed, collected and powerful shape with soft curves, refers to the possibility of creating a closed space that is in total continuity with the external environment. In addition to the two side windows, it is also possible to add a sliding rear window, to completely separate the interior and exterior and accommodate its use as an open boat with the main advantages of a cruiser, such as comfort while on the water and protection in the event of adverse weather conditions.

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The main deck is an area of infinite transparency, literally flooded with natural light and capable of offering a breathtaking panoramic view at any time of day. This large living area offers the wheelhouse, an extractable television aft of the helm seats, refrigerator and kitchen cabinet with ice maker, as well as a comfortable L-shaped sofa that offers generous depth and a hi-low table that can transform into a large dining table (to which chairs can be added). Furnished in total continuity with its external area, it becomes a single environment with the stern area depending on whether the windows are open. An extendible and electric roller blind with arms offers the possibility of shading the external area; if more shade is desired, a system of carbon poles have been designed for the beach area in order to create shelter from the sun across the external deck.

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The external spaces of the Rebel 50 G offer very large and professional mooring surfaces typical of larger boats, both at the stern and bow, also because it is made for demanding boat owners with expertise on the water.

The walkaround configuration ensures great safety when on board, and the large stern and bow sun decks enhance the enjoyment of its design. The bow offers a large sun deck, and is considered the most romantic area of the model with its corner chaise lounge ideal for soaking in panoramic views, especially at sunset. Christian Grande noted, “This area is intended to be an invitation to see motoring as a relaxed flight over water”. The optional roof also makes the Rebel 50 G a model suitable for markets other than the Mediterranean, lending itself to a wide variety of climatic conditions.

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The stern, whose sporty profile is a nod to the automotive world, has an up&down platform that allows the 2.50-metre tender to be hauled. It can be configured in four different ways: Garage Sunpad offers a large area dedicated to relaxation, with a long sofa and a large, comfortable sun deck behind it; Forward Lounge offers a space furnished with a long C-shaped sofa and an extendible table in its centre that can be a very large dining area or a living area with a sun deck and cushion, according to need, while Stern Lounge has two opposing sofas, facing the sea, which can be joined together if desired, and a table in the centre. Lastly, Free Standing is furnished with three large armchairs and two small round tables, creating an informal area to enjoy a relaxing, convivial and versatile experience on the water.

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The interiors are furnished with Ceppo di Gre' marble, a porous natural stone with a refined grey-blue hue that is unusual on a 50-footer, as it is typical of large yachts. The choice of this material was prompted by the desire to create atmospheres characterised by an unostentatious elegance created by natural and not overtly shiny materials with an important physical appeal, which call to be touched.

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The area below deck hosts a refrigerator, oven, and various storage spaces. Two layouts are available below deck, which offer ample storage space, voluminous areas and ample privacy. The first configuration has two cabins: an owner's cabin with a double bed at the bow and a VIP cabin amidships with very large separate sliding beds (90 centimetres wide each), which can be joined together if desired. The second layout, Living, offers a single large cabin amidships, while the bow is furnished as a comfortable and welcoming lounge with long sofas, a table and wet bar.

The rooms are more than two metres in height, to guarantee the maximum level of comfort. In the same vein, both configurations feature a bathroom with a shower of dimensions typically found on larger boats. Four variants are available: Tonic White, Daikiri Touch, Spicy Honey and Velvet Mist.

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The first model is powered by a pair of Volvo Penta IPS 950 HP engines, which guarantee a maximum speed of 36 knots and a cruising speed of 28.