Olympic Marine: New shipyard and first model at the Venice Boat Show

Olympic Marine: New shipyard and first model at the Venice Boat Show

Omikron Yachts, the new brand of Olympic Marine’s established shipyard, is presenting the OT-60, its first production model – a motor yacht that feels like a sailboat – at the 2023 Venice Boat Show.

The OT-60 introduces a new segment with her premiere, combining the quiet, easygoing lifestyle and efficiency of sailing with the convenience and space of a power yacht at 18.40 metres.

Olympic Marine, a landmark on the Aegean Archipelago for comprehensive modern services at scale, renovated and rebranded its shipyard to launch Omikron Yachts in 2019. The new brand draws on the marina’s extensive infrastructure and expertise, accrued through the building of more than 2000 sailboats, repairing and refitting yachts up to and exceeding 100m, and serving thousands of owners every year since its founding 1969. At the 2023 Venice Boat Show, held from May 31st to June 4th, Omikron Yachts will premiere its first model, which introduces its unique approach to sustainability at sea that embraces technology with an eye to the future, the OT-60.

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The Omikron Yachts brand was established in the wake of a milestone success for the shipyard, the extensive refit of 107-metre megayacht Dream, a project which won a World Superyacht Award and featured on industry magazine covers for its high standards. With more projects on the horizon, including a superfast 177-foot sailing yacht code named Argo54 and the OT-60, of which a dedicated assembly line was tasked to build 12 every year, it was an achievement that required consolidation.

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The OT-60 to be displayed at the Venice Boat Show is a testament to the capability of the Omikron Technical Office, which has overseen the in-house realization of a rare first in the nautical world: an elegant eco-cruiser, inspired by the Eastern Mediterranean island-hopping lifestyle to provide more space at a comfortable pace.

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Efficient engines and a custom hull design by Juan-K, optimized for cruising at 10-12 knots, allow the OT-60 to travel 1000 nautical miles at 12 knots, consuming just 1.5 liters per nautical mile. The interior and exterior design are the work of Lorenzo Argento, intending to make the journey beautiful, both in appearance and reality, with a sprinkle of surprising lifestyle solutions. Ciarmoli Queda Studio styled the interiors with natural materials, neutral colors, and tactile finishes, inviting guests to relax and recharge in comfort.

All stages of production are carried out by experts on site, to create communication across the assembly line and assure the highest standards of quality. For example, the composite hulls are built by Omikron Yachts with cutting edge techniques, including vacuum infusion of the vinylester resin. Meanwhile, the superstructure is built in carbon fiber for lightness and strength.

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Chairman of Omikron Yachts’ parent company Olympic Marine Nikolas Dendrinos commented, “The Venice Boat Show will make a great start to the summer. We are excited to bring guests aboard the OT-60, especially in the picturesque setting of the Venice Arsenale – it’s a perfect backdrop to our modern, clean design. Not only is the OT60 our first production model – she is the representative of a new category of sustainable, comfortable and easygoing cruisers. The best thing is when someone comes up to us and says, “You know, I’ve hoped all my life that someone would design a boat like this.” And I reply, “So did we, but one day we stopped waiting and made it happen.” I am looking forward to Venice and meeting all the likeminded sea lovers.”