Sunseeker Yachts: Financial peace of mind from MEROS co-ownership

Financial peace of mind from MEROS co-ownership options for Sunseeker Yachts

With so many different ways of spending high-profile leisure time these days, the concept of committing a large amount of the family’s time and financial resource in any one direction, is constantly under review.

Presented as an alternative to outright ownership, Meros offers an innovative way of gaining access to the amazing Sunseeker owner/lifestyle experience, through classic Quarter-share direct-ownership, or Flexshare (equity share + bond share) leasing option.

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Depending upon each customer’s personal financial preference, Meros allows customers to fix their annual costs and their depreciation costs or losses, giving anyone usually excluded by sometimes overwhelming and spontaneous running costs, the ability to still have access to enjoy this incredible and amazing lifestyle, without the associated financial uncertainties.

MEROS New Sunseeker 95 YACHT in production 4

The commonality is the Meros standard of service and quality of vessel exemplified at the 2023 Boot Düsseldorf show by way of a magnificent, brand new Sunseeker 95 Yacht, designed in conjunction with Sunseeker specifically for shared ownership use.
Streamlined yet spacious and guaranteed to ‘wow’ visitors to Hall 6, Stand B-61, the Sunseeker 95 Yacht ‘Meros Line’ will be the largest yacht on display at the show and a fine example of the newest design direction that Sunseeker’s larger yacht models will continue to take in 2023 and beyond.

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With the finer details and necessary incidentals that make this yacht perfect for shared ownership, Meros customers will not have to compromise, nor be concerned about the design and the final end-result of their yacht, because it’s all been taken care of for them.
Not only will the Sunseeker 95 ‘Meros Line’ be the largest yacht on display, it’s professional crew will also be there, ready and waiting to receive guests with the same care and attention to detail, as if it were on the water.

Sunseeker representative MEROS owner Martin Huber on right 1