It's been a milestone year: Editorial #64 by Gerasimos Gerolimatos

editorial Skipper ONDECK 64

This is the last issue of 2021 and the first of the new year.

A year full of promises such as the promise to bring us back to normal rhythms and to help us regain everything we lost over the last two years or use what we’ve learned and are still learning from the pandemic; to let the industry gallop ahead free of this veil of terror that spreads over us in everything we do; to let us design new, beautiful things without apologizing or using the developments regarding the pandemic as the ultimate deterrent.

For Skipper ONDECK the greatest milestone was and is the 2021 Olympic Yacht Show. A milestone and at the same time a starting point. An important debut of an event that seeks to promote the industry as well as quality tourism. With this in mind, the current issue gives the floor to the participants who have expressed their opinions. For all of us, the key principle is to engage in dialogue and promote the Show throughout the year. The key target is to turn it into an information portal through which to present the conditions currently prevailing in the industry and a point of reference as well as a meeting point for all stakeholders. Furthermore, we send an open invitation to all who wish to participate and present their products and services. OYS offers a permanent, open platform for proposals and opinions. It does not stop when the lights are switched off. Nothing like it, actually. When the curtain comes down, the operations and give-and-take that took place before and during the event are resumed. That’s what it’s all about. The lights can only stay on all year round in a financial sector as vital for Greece as sea tourism. Exhibitors, state officials and contributors present their take on the event and express their intention to be counted in for next year’s event which is already underway.

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Meanwhile, the issue in your hands holds a rich repertoire of current affairs and, of course, the words of selected collaborators who present their views. Skipper ONDECK also travels to France and Germany to bring to you the industry’s latest developments. All this wrapped up with a set of new vessels that adorn the waters and set the trends of the future. Of course, as always, the separate exclusive lifestyle section opens our horizons with trips and unique suggestions for once-in-a-lifetime experiences.