Baglietto DOM 133 and The Sale of 40M Hull n.10243

Baglietto announces the sale of hull no.10243, too.

By selling the third unit in the series DOM 133, which the shipyard had started building on speculation, Baglietto reaches sale number four of this model, pencilled by Stefano Inglese Vafiadis. “That of DOM 133, four hulls sold in just a matter of weeks, is an unprecedented success – comments Baglietto's CCO Fabio Ermetto - although, perhaps, not a surprising one, considering what it stems from: extraordinary volumes for a yacht of this size, modern and captivating lines, and a layout leaving no market needs unmet - all "ingredients’ that make the DOM133 just the ideal cruiser”. This perfect ‘DOMUS’ (meaning ‘home’ in Latin, the word the line name originally comes from) can indeed offer her guests a beach club on two levels, wherethe infinity pool lifting bottom can rise to make the already spacious cockpit even larger; panoramic windows that open up to become terraces; the possibility to install a lift; and, not least of all, a limited draught allowing to easily cruise even in the shallow waters of the Bahamas.

“With Stefano Vafiadis – continues Fabio Ermetto - we devised a modern project that we wanted capable of meeting today's needs, thought out for a dynamic owner that loves comfort but will not compromise on performances. Choosing aluminium to build this yacht, in particular, proved to be a winning, strategic solution. As a matter of fact, when compared to fibreglass, aluminium ensures not only higher quality and onboard comfort, but also greater flexibility and the possibility to make changes that will result in highly-customised exteriors. Customisation, though, reaches its peak in the interiors, where we are able to meet our Client's wish for unique, ad-hoc solutions. ”

dom133 2

Like previous models, this unit - to be delivered in 2023 - comes with two Caterpillar C32 engines that will push her to an impressive maximum speed of 17 knots. The shipyard recently started to build on speculation a fifth twin unit, which will be fitted with standard hybrid propulsion and be ready for delivery in 2024.