Greece, Guest Country of Honour at The Grand Pavois!

A leading tourist destination, Greece is renowned for its stunning mountain landscapes, its natural wonders, its infinite coastline and its large and small islands, famous around the world for their unequalled beauty.

So why has Greece, a country of born sailors, not been guest country of honour at the Grand Pavois La Rochelle before now? This matter will be settled from Tuesday 28 September to Sunday 3 October, when this country, which has no point on land further than 100 kilometres from the coast, will be in the spotlight at the reference show for enthusiasts. It has to be said that the sea is everywhere, whether the Ionian Sea or the Aegean Sea. An amazing maritime area since there are estimated to be 6,000 large and small islands filled with a variety of colours and fragrances, villages with lime-washed walls, bewitching historic remains, and churches with vivid blue roofs. And what about the country's amazing maritime history, the tribulations of Ulysses, Greece's supremacy over the entire Mediterranean region as a thalassocracy or a true political power founded on the domination of the sea, not to mention Thalassa, the daughter of Aether and Hemera, a divinity who embodied the sea and more specifically the Mediterranean. Yes, Greece is truly blessed by the Gods, all the Gods!

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Dimitris Fragakis, Secretary General of the Greek National Tourist Office:
"It is a great pleasure for Greece to be the guest country of honour at the Grand Pavois La Rochelle 2021. The inseparable relationship between Greece and the sea is reflected in our long and glorious history, our traditions, and also our modern way of life. Throughout the show, the Greek National Tourist Office will propose a rich programme of events for young people and all our visitors, and will present the different themes of Greek maritime tourism and some new unexplored destinations. Because all you want is Greece!"