Team Italia: onboard the Sanlorenzo 62 Steel M/Y Cloud 9

Another success has been added to the long list of integrated bridges for mega and superyachts that TEAM Italia has produced in 20 years of activity.

The company has confirmed yet again its position as an international leader in the field of navigation electronics, with over 500 projects completed for yachts with length ranging from 30m toover 100m. This is also thanks to the exclusive I-Bridge® system, which makes it possible to integrate and control the various on-board systems using the latest touch screen technologies.


TEAM Italia is now on board the new Sanlorenzo 62 Steel M/Y Cloud 9 with an integrated I-Bridge®, equipped with a touch control system to manage all the NAV-COM equipment on board. The I-Bridge® dashboard incorporates two side wings that provide useful information during manoeuvring operations, particularly when mooring. In addition, the Remote Diagnostic system supports all trouble shooting operations and is an important aid in resolving any problems that may arise.


"TEAM Italia and the Sanlorenzo shipyard have been working together for a long time and there is every reason for them to continue to do so in the future, to their mutual satisfaction, ”said Massimo Minnella, CEO of TEAM Italia. "The particular architecture of the I-Bridge® system, thanks to distributed electronic ssolutions, is well suited to meet all the customisation requirements that arise from time to time on the various mega-yachts. The bridge on board the Sanlorenzo 62 M/Y Cloud 9 is a classic example of this: the solutions  developed by TEAM Italia have responded fully to all the owner's requirements in terms of both ergonomics and technical space.”