Octoport: Carbon furniture for superyacht decks

With octoport, a new player is entering the superyacht market.

The Bremen-based company specialises in high-quality deck furniture made of carbon. One highlight of the design studio is the "Rhea" collection. When it comes to furnishing the outer decks of mega yachts, many owners and designers often opt for wooden furniture. Arun Maheswaran already noticed a few years ago, when he was still working for one of the leading yacht equipment suppliers, that this sometimes does not correspond with the design of the yacht. The reason? Quite simple, actually. There were hardly any alternative products on the market.
­Maheswaran recognised the opportunity, founded octoport GmbH and began to design and manufacture stylish deck furniture made of carbon and made in Germany. "Carbon is simply excellent as a material for these purposes," says Maheswaran. "The furniture is lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and, above all, extremely durable."
In addition, the material can be used to realise extraordinary designs that correspond with the exterior of the yacht. The "Rhea" collection, for example, one of the octoport highlights, demonstrates this aspect par excellence. Maheswaran designed the bar chair, lounge chair, coffee table, side table, sun lounger and dining chair in the same style with wide backrests and without any corners. "If you want to furnish your decks in a uniform way, you can use the entire collection. It covers all purposes," says the octoport founder.

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The Bar Chair is 95 centimetres high and 85 centimetres wide. The voluminous piece of furniture weighs only ten kilograms. A 2.22-metre-long and 87-centimetre-wide Sun Lounger weighs 30 kilograms. In order to be able to cover any volume of requests, the Bremen-based company works with various highly specialised suppliers. Upholstery and fabrics are sourced from the Netherlands. ­
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­Incidentally, the young Bremen-based company signed its first major order some time ago. Octoport is supplying all the outside deck furniture for an almost 80-metre-long yacht being built at a shipyard in northern Germany. As is customary in the industry, no further details can be disclosed at this time. Octoport founder Arun Maheswaran comments: "We are very happy about the trust placed in us. Nevertheless, we are currently receiving further enquiries, all of which are very substantial."
Octoport will be present with a few selected pieces at this year's Monaco Yacht Show from 22 to 25 September.

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About octoport:
Bremen-based octoport GmbH, founded in 2017, caters to the ever-growing demand for exceptional and bespoke deck furniture made of carbon - handmade in Germany, extremely durable and so lightweight that all pieces are uncomplicated to handle. With a very fine and reliable network of suppliers, octoport can handle any order on time. Behind the brand is a team of experienced designers, constructors and engineers who have been involved in yacht building for many years and are thus very familiar with all the requirements of this industry. Octoport is a member of the networks Deutsche Yachten and Young Professionals in Yachting Germany.