Full tilt. Editorial by Gerasimos Gerolimatos

We gave our all, acting as if nothing was the matter. We set off at full tilt and prepared one of the most diverse issues of our 10-year history while diligently observing the restrictive measures.

We gave our all to welcome 2021, a year when we expect a lot and have even more in store. Sitting and waiting is not enough; sitting and waiting does not turn the wheels; it does not move the Earth, the skies or the economy. That's what I’ve learnt and that's how I proceed. There’s nothing to expect when one is not prepared. Following all precautions and keeping distances and protocols, we worked hard to bring to the foreground and to the printing house an issue bound to become a milestone and a vivid memory of action taken despite the difficulties experienced. Life won’t stop. We won’t stop it. We are in a state of quarantine, but the mind can never be imprisoned and this is not a bout of romanticism but the fruit of long experience. Every day commendable and memorable actions take place. We have included several of them in this issue. We aim to send out light with extra care and knowledgeability, pushing aside the unpredictable, complex, strange and shadowy monster that entered our lives a year ago. Now, more than ever, the economy, namely the market, needs to adopt an outward look, to seek support and propel action.

Action is contagious. The role of established magazines is to educate and, as a rule, to inform. On 1st April Skipper Ondeck completes 10 years of media presence and action, having been from the very beginning an integral part of the yachting market. It was designed with a long-term vision and was based on the fundamental principle of supporting and promoting the development of sea tourism, educating readers and taking our aesthetics up a notch. In the difficult times we’re going through, Skipper Ondeck will keep doing the exact same thing. It will put the Greek market and the world of yachting as a whole in pole position. The take-home message of the first issue of 2021 - a milestone year for Greece - is to stay in continuous action. We keep working as if nothing is happening, being - I repeat - conscious of the need to protect public health, ourselves and our partners. We keep working and preparing several different projects, such as the “People. The people of Yachting” luxury edition, which brings to the centre of attention the professionals who comprise and develop what we call sea tourism. Of course, there’s also the Olympic Yacht Show coming up, the greatest yacht show & event of recent years, which is to take place in Sounio under the vigilant eye of King Aegeas.

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These days our social life has hit rock bottom but our strong creative impulse must function as a vital catalyst and provide the right coordinates to get us back on track. I hold optimism as my compass and I believe that this will soon be nothing but an unpleasant memory during which we learnt a lot, we improved, we appreciated things and realized how vulnerable we are. Let us appreciate human contact, the handshake, the warm greeting. Let us keep, wherever necessary, the digital tools that help us stay in touch.
Until we meet again at a Yacht Show or an event or on a boat in the open seas, we have prepared several interesting topics for you to read in the new issue. Each one of them is, in itself, an action, a movement, the antidote to the blight of our days that comes under the guise of quarantine and restrictive measures. Get inspired and inspire others. The virus is not the only thing that is contagious – by the way, let’s keep that at bay; ideas and best practices can be contagious too.