Winners of the Best of Boats Award 2020 announced

After several hundred boat tests, the best motorboats of 2020 were selected from 21 finalists at the virtual awards ceremony.

During the live broadcast from the Berlin exhibition centre, the international jury's vote was expected with excitement by the shipyard’s top-mangement and industry representatives who were virtually present by video. In the livestream, numerous boat enthusiasts followed the award ceremony, which was open to the public for the first time. The 17 boat journalists on the jury, who came from all regions of Europe as well as Russia and the USA, had seen and tested the international motorboat innovations throughout Europe under the special conditions of this year – according to the motto “Think globally, test locally”. During the award ceremony, Stefan Gerhard, founder of the BOB Award, made it clear once again: “Each of the 21 finalists is a winner. The Best of Boats Award only honours boats that really represent an innovation in their respective category.” “I am extremely pleased to see international shipyards here at the Best of Boats Award”, said Daniel Barkowski, project manager of BOOT & FUN BERLIN, welcoming the virtual guests. BOOT & FUN BERLIN, premium partner of the Best of Boat Award since 2014, hosted the BOB Awards again this year.

The winners of the Best of Boats Award 2020


The Saxdor 200 Sport won the category Best for Beginners. Jan Sjölund, editor-in-chief of the Helsinki-based magazine “Venemestari”, appreciated the Finnish boat in his laudation for having created a new type of boat especially for beginners. Award winner Ludvig Liljequist, CEO Saxdor Yachts said: “It is truly amazing to be the winner of the Best for Beginners Award, since we have only launched the brand in March this year in the middle of a pandemic. The award is highly appreciated, because it is very challenging to meet partners and customers at the moment. The boat is a combination of a jetski and a 6 metre boat, and these two elements together make it so special.”

In the category Best for Fishing the jury was most convinced by the Quicksilver 805 Pilothouse. After a short speech of thanks from Enrique Curt, foudner of “Mares” magazine from Barcelona, Sylvain Perret from Brunswick Europe accepted the trophy. He said: “I want to underline, that this award is a team effort and we feel very honored to be the winner of the Best for Fishing Award, especially because this boat is our first model of our new generation. This fishing boat is special, because it also welcomes you to spend the night with the whole family due to the high comfort.”

Alfred Boer, boat tester for the magazines “Nautique” from the Netherlands and “Varen” from Belgium, explained the jury’s decision in the category Best for Fun to the Nimbus T8 from Sweden. Jonas Gothberg, Commercial Director of Nimbus Boats Sweden, thanked: “It is a great honour. We are very pleased that we built something very special. It truly is a boat with social skills. It’s a fantastic boat to take you from A to B. But when the jets get to life it is so much more: It’s the perfect fun ride.”

According to juror Arek Rejs from the Polish magazine “Wiatr”, an important criterion for the category Best for Travel is that a boat offers enough space and is suitable for long distance travel. Not only for this reason the innovative Absolute Navetta 64, the largest boat among the nominees, won. Cesare Mastroianni, head of the Italian boat yard, emphasised: “We are really proud of what we have achieved with this concept. This award is a statement to our commitment and a great team effort. The Absolute Navetta is a game changer because of its great Yacht features and onboard innovations. We love how this concept managed to deploy maximum space, comfort and design, especially in the Beach Club version.”

Slovenian journalist Julijan Višnjevec explained the jury vote in the Best for Family category for the Prestige 420 flybridge yacht. Erwin Bamps, CEO of Prestige Yachts, commented on the award for the French luxury brand: “We feel very honored and happy to receive the Best for Family Award for the Prestige 420 Fly. It means a lot to us, because the category Best for Family is exactly what our brand stands for. The boat is very special: comfortable, easy to use and just what people want when they are looking for a family boat. It is a “home away from home”. This award is for the entire team!”

Best for Beginners - Saxdor 200 Sport  GREEK DEALER THRACE YACHTING



Best for Fishing - Quicksilver 805 Pilothouse  || GREEK DEALER NAUTICA CENTER

Best for Family - Prestige 420 Fly GREEK DEALER RIGINOS YACHTS

Best for Travel - Absolute Navetta 64