And the winner is BLUEGAME BGX70

During the Boot Dusseldorf 2020 the BLUEGAME BGX70 has been recognized with another prestigious award as the best in the category of “Custom yachts” at the Motor Boat Awards ceremony.

 “Our winner is a craft that demonstrates there is still room for genuine innovation in a class where evolution rather revolution is the norm. Our winner is the bold and brilliant BLUEGAME BGX70” was the Jury announcement. “An award is always a great achievement; being part of Sanlorenzo is a big responsibility so we put enormous pressure on ourselves and the result is here” says Bluegame CEO Carla Demaria.



The BLUEGAME BGX70 project, where Luca Santella's revolutionary idea met the talent and creativity of Studio Zuccon International, consistent with the Sanlorenzo high positioning, is targeting the most experienced and demanding yachtsmen. “We feel confident that the BGX70 paves the way to success for the BGX60 which will have its world premiere in Cannes 2020.”

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