LALIZAS supports the Hellenic Rescue Team

Where all sea safety forces are gathered, LALIZAS is always present

Further to its values keeping everyone at sea safe through its high quality lifesaving equipment, LALIZAS is being a key-supporter to the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT) and more specifically to the Water Search and Rescue Department. From 18th to 20th of October 2019, in the frame of the annual educational meeting of The Water Search and Rescue Department and the Hellenic Air Force (111 Combat Wing), a sea survival training will take place at the west side of the Pagasitikos Gulf, in Nea Aghialos.

The scenario:
9 castaways (8 citizens & 1 rescuer) board a life raft and remain for 24 hours. During these hours, they are using the lifesaving equipment of the life raft. They activate and make use of all means of detection and communication with all sailing boats and ground based stations. After 24 hours, 6 of the castaways are collected by a life boat of the Hellenic Rescue Team, and the rest 3 are collected by the rescue helicopter of the Hellenic Air Force. During the whole exercise, the life raft is being monitored, day and night, by both electronic tracking devices and one rescue helicopter of the Hellenic Air Force.

LALIZAS will assist in this significant initiative by providing the life raft which will be used as the 24hour shelter for the castaways, and all lifejackets. In addition, one of our well-trained LALIZAS experts will join the ‘castaway team’ in order to provide with support and guidance all participants.
Prior to this exercise, a 3hour informative seminar will be given to 20-30 citizens by the American Farm School, which also supports this effort, aiming to educate young people and professionals interested in maritime tourism.

LALIZAS could not but share its deep knowledge and expertise in lifesaving equipment with the public by holding a presentation demonstrating the proper use of lifesaving equipment such as the lifejacket and the life raft, which are both mandatory for your safety while at sea. The demonstration will be given by one of our experts prior to the sea survival training to ensure the safety of participants during the exercise.

For LALIZAS, it is always a pleasure and an honor to support initiatives that educate people to enjoy sea with safety! This is our passion, and this is where our products are inspired from!
For us, Safety is not just a product, it is an ongoing process.