Meet the startup from Greece aiming to create the biggest community around the global Coastlines

The Greek coastline is famous for its diversity, rocky cliffs, secret mooring spots, strong winds, crystal blue waters, sheltered bays, and starry nights.

With more than 15.500Km length, 6.000 beaches, 1.100 anchorages and great coastal services, Greece qualifies as a dreamy place full of holiday options, suitable to satisfy all sailors, yacht owners and many more. But at the same time, finding the perfect place around the coastlines to anchor on vacations can be challenging since all travelers have their own interests, needs and (unfortunately) limited vacation time.

Until now.

Keeano, a well-funded startup from Athens with a team of 7, is aiming to change the way travelers plan, choose and visit coastal destinations, whether traveling by land or by sea. Through the application, the user can find and contribute to the most appropriate places of interest for him, based on his mood, interests, and type of vehicle/boat, saving valuable time and giving peace of mind during his vacation.

In more details, each user can explore the location of more than 6300 Anchorages in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea derived from real Anchored boat historical data, by even giving the geometric surface on the map. Max Depth on the Anchorage spot or potential hazard information can be added/edited by users, making available the information to the community.

keanno 2

Keeano team by being partners with MarineTraffic, has made available to the users to be able to locate through the app, all vessels (Sailing Boats, Yachts, fishing boats, etc) with AIS Class B activated, free of charge, thus making easy to distinguish the crowded to less crowded anchorages.

keanno 3

 As Ilias Bogordos founder and CEO of keeano revealed to us, the team has the vision to create an active community of travelers (boat owners and/or boat renters), and by providing them with free services and useful tools, they will actively and validly “upgrade” with information and coastal data the app, by working together to improve the quality of everyone’s daily trip planning.

As he added, moving towards this direction, led the team to one of the most helpful features on the App, the Reporting. Users can report on any location on the map, reports such as boat damage, anchorage occupation, Jellyfish or oil spill alerts and much more, allowing the entire community to witness the report and be informed instantly.

  keanno 4

In a matter of numbers, the app users and keeano team, have created more than 36.500 places (such as beaches, Anchorages, Marinas, Ports and many more place types), 6.300 anchorages with bathymetry and geometry data and more than 21.500 Beaches in all Mediterranean coastline. The active community is constantly growing larger getting with users from Italy, France, Spain adding more information to their coastlines. Keeano team revealed to us, their next steps, with paid features like Nautical Maps and Navigation.

So, if you are traveling around Greece or the Mediterranean Sea this summer, you got yourself the perfect guide