Editorial #054 by Gerasimos Gerolimatos

Skipper ONDECK #054

GREECE IS ALL SET and ready to welcome and host visitors from around the globe. Due to the country’s particular morphology and, of course, the time of the year, sea holidays are about to have a heyday. This year our country is in great demand. 

It has found its place on the hot list of the most exclusive agencies which in turn will entrust the singular tastes of their demanding customers to Greek companies that aim to turn imagination and daydreaming into reality. So, those of you who are reading this note and are visitors, I dare say that you are in good hands and on the right bearing. Our fleet is one of the best in the world; our crews and captains know better than anyone the Greek archipelagos and are ready to initiate you into places and experiences far superior to any expectation.

Ondeck's summer issue is an ode to sea tourism and to all the people who work painstakingly for growth and development. The 6th consecutive successful yachting event held in Nafplion, the Forum hosted by Posidonia Events, the Zea event that brings Piraeus closer to its destiny and a lot more are presented in the pages of this issue and the reports that not only outline current affairs but also determine the future. OnDeck shares and communicates all of the new trends emerging in the Greek business world of professional and leisure yachting.

At the same time, it builds a bridge with all the pertinent markets, such as luxury resorts, the field of expertise of Alexandros Angelopoulos: "We are talking about the same market, we are talking about the same people and network" were some of the words we exchanged and decided to record. On the same note, there is a meeting in the most important sector; training of high-level crew and hospitality professionals. The yachts are beautiful but they need seasoned crews, and customers require skilled personnel. Seeking to learn more about the great investment in Maritime Education, we meet Mr. Romanos Rodopoulos who gives us a tour and shares with us his vision for the next generations.

All of the above are adorned with the unique Aviva by Abeking & Rasmussen, a 98 meter masterpiece. Then comes Norberto Ferretti's new venture with Solaris and an apocalyptic Tommaso Spadolini who talks about his friendship with famous designer Roberto Cavalli that led to the new Freedom, a completely custom yacht made by CCN.Meanwhile, enjoy the SkyLounge suggestions, the magical islands of the Ionian Sea and the lacy coastline of Greece. Try out the various food, drink and shopping options and do not forget to keep an OnDeck issue until the next Greek summer.


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