Cantiere del Pardo Week 2019

Portopiccolo (TS). Recently, the first edition of the Cantiere del Pardo Week marked the beginning of a precious tradition made of performance, passion and innovation.

The renowned waters of Trieste have brought together all the Grand Soleil Yachts, Grand Soleil Custom and Pardo Yachts models in a suggestive display for the public, dealers and the International press.  The entire fleet of the three brands of the shipyard were the stars of the show. All the models of the Grand Soleil Yachts fleet were dislayed: GS 34, GS 43, GS 46 LC, GS 48 in two versions; Performance and Race, GS 52 LC and GS 58. The Custom Line made its debut with the awaited and exclusive global presentation of the Grand Soleil 80. The Pardo Yachts motor range is now complete, with the brand-new Pardo 38, then 43 and 50. Many events have marked these full days of activities dedicated to the pure emotion of competition, sharing of corporate strategies, and the celebration of the excellence and the future Icons of Cantiere del Pardo.

CdPW19 2

The Portopiccolo venue hosted the International Grand Soleil and Pardo Yachts’ Dealers Meetings, with the participation of over 60 dealers from all over the world: from Australia to the United States and from Mexico to major European nations. 

There was great excitement around Pardo Yachts for the awaited preview of the brand-new Pardo 38, which completes all the exceptional performance of the range with a touch of sophistication. The Pardo 38 première celebrated an extremely promising launch, which confirmed the very high expectations of journalists and customers who welcomed him with passion and enthusiasm.  Friday the 17th was dedicated entirely to the exclusive World Premiere of the Grand Soleil 80 Custom, the largest yacht ever built by Cantiere del Pardo, designed by Giovanni Ceccarelli.Guests and journalists were able to admire the entrance to the Portopiccolo dockyard of the new jewel, accompanied by striking lights and sound effects. 

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During the weekend, we celebrated the historic regatta among the Grand Soleil owners. The Grand Soleil Cup took place in the competitive waters of Trieste, where coastal and classic "batons" routes were sailed. 45 boats reached Portopiccolo from all over the world, from Australia to Puerto Rico, challenging each other with skill and enthusiasm through the Adriatic Coast.

The strength of Cantiere del Pardo's world was demonstrated with the success of the first edition of this magnificent event. It was an encouraging confirmation of the strategic vision that led to a very special result, and a precious gratification for the dedication behind the production of a great event that gave life to a unique experience for all the attendees.
See you next year!

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