Editorial #053 by Gerasimos Gerolimatos

 Having brought to a successful end a great number of business activities and trips and having proudly attended leading events and boat shows, we are ready to welcome the new season.

Our suitcase is crammed with the latest news and a rich repertoire of boats, products and services that nearly jump out of the pages of this issue. An issue that prefaces the spring and the beginning of the new season as well as the beginning of a new era endowed with more optimism and more tools for growth and development.

SODnews 2

The start flag was dropped at the boot which this year celebrated its 50th anniversary. There is no doubt it deserves the thorough multi-page feature you’ll find in this issue and rightly so. Aside from the celebratory character of this year's event, thanks to half a century of continuous operation, the main reason the boot is worthy of praise is that the industry is on a steady upward trend and it is “back to planing”. Let me just blurt it out: the industry is constantly evolving, perhaps more rapidly than ever in the last 25 years. This is what we briefly and subconsciously celebrated in Düsseldorf, a charming city that, despite being far from the sea and welcoming visitors in the heart of winter, has found a way to bring the sea closer to hundreds of thousands of people. The boot has become the capital of Yachting for Central and Northern Europe, embracing the Mediterranean and winking towards the other side of the Atlantic. It has won the status of a credible index that describes the new order of things in the world of boatbuilding. With that in mind we dedicated a great part of the magazine to new arrivals as well as to the Greek presence at the show that is always punctual, growing stronger year by year.

SODnews 3

On the same note, we are prefacing an equally important event of the chartering industry, which will be held in Greece’s first capital city, Nafplion. It is no other than the very successful Mediterranean Yacht Show, which is expected to rise to even greater heights this year.

SODnews 4

As regards new crafts, we are giving the floor to the new order of Tenders. Luxurious, innovative, fast and comfortable. A category that generates great interest since it is the tenders that do all the work in the first place. So, Love me Tender features a selection of the best tenders, among which 2 Greek builds that are doing wonderfully abroad. This palette could never be complete without the Wally 48-currently under construction- which is brought to the hands of Gruppo Ferretti, therefore promising to bring a host of hot innovations.

SODnews 5 Admire the new concept yacht by Oceanco presented in Dubai as well as the new creation of Royal Huisman. Meanwhile, Isa Yachts and their Extra 76 have set the world on fire and let us not forget that this is the first boat under the new ownership of the Palumbo family. Apart from the above do not miss the lifestyle section. Just like in every issue, you’ll get firsthand info on the hottest mini escapes and experiences as well as premium dining and shopping options recommended by the OnDeck team.