Greece takes centre stage for RINA

Recognising the importance of the Greek shipping market RINA, the ship classification, testing, inspection, certification and consulting engineering multinational, announced this week that it has restructured its marine business making the port of Piraeus RINA’s Southern Europe and Africa Marine centre.

RINA’s success in the region has been remarkable, with a growth of 20% per annum in the last two years and the number of staff doubling in size. The fleet has grown to over 350 vessels representing a gross tonnage of about 10 million GT. This growth has been achieved by providing a wide range of classification services for ships and yachts, but also engineering services. Certification is provided for Hazardous Material Inventory, MRV and IMO DCS, Scrubber and BWTS and CAP for Oil Tankers and Bulkers. In recognition of the increasing demand for digital services, RINA has employed a dedicated Business Development Manager who will focus on the application of Optimum which is based on the RINACube platform.

RINAgr 2

“The move to locate the Marine Southern Europe and Africa centre in Greece will be an important springboard to the further development of our business in the Southern Mediterranean and North African areas. There is significant potential in these markets and our experience is seen as a key differentiator and one which will further increase the size of our fleet”, said Nello Sulfaro, CEO of RINA Services.

RINA’s Piraeus office will also become the centre of global marine training, boosting development and delivery of courses. With Greece being the most important centre within the shipping world, the company is in an excellent position to understand the training requirements of the industry. Professional classroom and in-house courses covering environment and energy efficiency, maritime safety & security, technical & operational aspects, class and statutory compliance, managerial and non-technical skills, will be offered by RINA’s own staff or in cooperation with external marine experts, as from the National Technical University of Athens. Courses developed at RINA in Greece will be now used worldwide.

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RINA provides a wide range of services across the Energy, Marine, Certification, Transport & Infrastructure and Industry sectors. With a turnover in 2017 of 437 million Euros, about 3,700 employees and 170 offices in 65 countries worldwide, RINA is a member of key international organizations and an important contributor to the development of new legislative standards.