ANVERA at Cannes Yachting Festival 2018

From 11 to 16 September, LG-YACHT shipyard will be among the exhibitors of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018, displaying, for the first time to an international public, the new model ANVERA 48, presented last May at Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous in worldwide premiere.

With the ANVERA 48, LG-YACHT has once again applied its innovative philosophy to create a yacht entirely built in carbon fibre, just like its predecessor, the ANVERA 55s – a more resistant, extremely light crossover boat featuring trendy, unparalleled design shapes and details and embodying the excellence of Made in Italy production.

anverayachfest 3

Carbon is increasingly used instead of traditional fibreglass because of its enhanced characteristics: greater resistance and lightness (which means particularly low consumption); efficiency; speed; reduced waste, CO2 and pollution; as well as the possibility to obtain innovative design shapes. The result, in a nutshell, is a high-performance and environmentally-friendly product.

14.50 metres long and up to 4.91 metres wide, ANVERA 48 is characterised by two special uprights around the deckhouse, the helm station, and the cockpit roofing, and by the air vent integrated in the single lightweight pillar supporting the superstructure.

anverayachfest 2

This yacht’s soberly elegant lines, designed with a strong focus on functionality, together with comfortable onboard spaces result in a sporty and yet harmonious boat, pencilled by Aldo Drudi and designed in 3D by Paolo Picchi, while hull design & engineering is by Andrea Frabetti. The ANVERA 48 is fully customisable with top-quality and stylish finishes.

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LG srl was established in 2002 as a company specialising in the processing of composite materials and other services related to the boating industry. The company successfully draws on the experience gained over the years by the Team Italia Offshore, a company founded by Norberto Ferretti for the study of and research on extreme technologies. Luca Ferrari is the undertaking's promoter. In 2014, Luca Ferrari, together with Giancarlo Galeone, later joined by Gilberto Grassi, decided to take the leap at LG, with the important aim to manufacture niche products synthesizing the Company’s know-how. Hence the ‘reunion’ of a working group that over the last 20 years has carried out historical and successful projects epitomising great passion for the sea, technical and commercial skills, and above all an unfailing flair for trends capable of dominating the market.